On Graduating

Tomorrow I graduate from law school.

I’ve said that that I was done with school before, twice, so I won’t make that mistake again. But I will say that I’m going to miss this school in particular, and this way of thinking about big things.

I don’t quite understand all the fuss around graduation. But I d

A young boy holds a tall broom, sweeping a porch

Remy believes he has earned a proper celebration for his contribution.

o appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the end of this era with my classmates and my friends, and my classmates who have become my friends, and my family who have travelled to watch me walk across a stage and look happy to be receiving “a diploma-like prop.”

I am a little disappointed that Remy won’t be walking with me. After all, he’s been a huge part of my law school experience. And he’s attended plenty of classes and events. In a lot of ways it seems like he has earned walking as much as I have. Unfortunately, sitting in one place for two hours (or two minutes) is not his strong suit.

People sometimes ask me how I did it, law school with a baby. I try to remind them that I carefully and deliberately planned to have Remy when I did, so I wasn’t really caught off guard by his coming. And I have an amazing (and I do mean AMAZING) family of friends and relations who selflessly and consistently took care of both Remy and I during the most difficult times. If I can dedicate a graduation, I dedicate this one to them.

So I’m graduating tomorrow, likely in rain and hail. It will be strange and uncomfortable. I will celebrate even though I still have to take the bar, and then pass the bar, and be admitted to the bar before any of this means much of anything. So I will be celebrating the end of the fun part of becoming an attorney.

And I will have a great time doing it.

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