Simple Science

Sometimes the simplest things are the funnest. This rainy week we set out to use our new preschool science kits (found here) and started by exploring with baking soda and vinegar.

We did the standard volcano:


The kids really did enjoy watching it fizz over the test tube and seeing their red and blue volcano lava mix together to make purple. Our next project kept them busy for a good half hour. We all know that in 2 year old time that’s like an eternity.20150417_104548

You’ll need:

– Baking soda

– vinegar

– food coloring

– cups

– cookie sheet

– eye droppers or turkey baster

To Make the Volcano:

Drop food coloring onto the cookie sheet keeping colors separated, but consider color mixing combinations. For example, I put yellow next to blue and another squirt of yellow by red.


Please excuse our very well loved cookie sheet. I added many more drops around the cookie sheet so that there would be lots of color.

Next, cover the food coloring with baking soda.


I tried to make little hills all over the cookie sheet so that it wasn’t obvious where the color was hidden. Then I armed them with paper cups filled with vinegar and eye droppers and let them figure out what they needed to do. It didn’t take long:



The search for the colors lasted quite awhile, and as more colors appeared, they began to notice new colors being swirled into the mix. Red and Yellow were making orange…


and blue and yellow made some fun green.20150417_105424

They loved using their magnifying glasses to look at the fizzing  bubbles and swirling colors up close.


Overall it was a great experiment in color mixing, they enjoyed sucking vinegar out of the cups and into the eye droppers, and they had a great time!

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