What do you do with baby teeth?

My oldest daughter got brave and helped me grab a photo of teeth she is sure are hers - she is the only child to have a silver baby tooth. She told me she would in no way ever want to see or touch them again.

My oldest daughter got brave and helped me grab a photo of teeth she is sure are hers – she is the only child to have silver baby teeth. She told me she would never  want to see or touch them again.

The other day I caught the kids snooping. They found a box full of memorabilia and were having a fun time going through it. It included items such as the hospital bracelets that no longer would fit around their arms and old birth announcements. They all agreed that the note I wrote to their dad over 20 years ago, asking him out, was perhaps the most important document in their own individual creation story and should therefore be framed.

After going through the box, they gingerly packed it up and placed it back on the shelf. As I walked by the area later that day, I noticed a Ziploc bag on the ground containing a small tooth. A baby tooth. It must be one of the first because now they all reside in a dresser drawer we call the “tooth drawer.” And that got me thinking, what on earth are you supposed to do with baby teeth?

To be perfectly honest, those little teeth with their sharp root ends, sometimes still holding a drop of blood, seriously creep me out. I am not surprised in the least that the tooth fairy has been the subject of a horror movie in the past. What kind of winged creature comes around in the middle of the night collecting discarded body parts?

I suppose that I may feel differently about it at this point if I were more organized. I mean, I can’t tell my 14 year old’s baby teeth from those of his 6 year old little sister. And I did not catalogue possible memories either.

Like the time the Park Ranger related from the depths of Jewel Cave, “We are now in one of the lowest parts of the United States, far beneath sea level.”
And my daughter called out, “Mom, my tooth finally came out.”
The Park Ranger exclaimed, “Wow, that tooth probably holds the record for being lost at the lowest altitude!”
And the crowd laughed.

Yep, I have no idea which tooth is the record holder. She lost three teeth total on that camping trip – We were not sure how she was eating by the end of it.

I actually Googled to see what the general thoughts are regarding the keeping of baby teeth. I found that many parents are not sure why they should keep them. I saw that they actually hold stem cells (okay, I had no idea about that). And, I read that some people are turning them into jewelry (okay, I did not need to know that).

For some reason, I feel weird about just throwing the grotesque buggers out. So, I put them all in one bag and stuck it back in the “tooth drawer.” I will probably just throw them out eventually. The teeth themselves hold no part of my heart. They are nothing like the memories of those sweet toothless smiles.

Photo taken by Amy Hunt

Photo taken by Amy Hunt

Photo taken by Amy Hunt

Photo taken by Amy Hunt

3 thoughts on “What do you do with baby teeth?

  1. This post came at the perfect time because my son just lost his first tooth. Hubby and I went out to dinner and I knew it was loose. I just didn’t know the grandparents would give him an apple while we were gone! So of course it came out and…he swallowed it. Yes, I missed the whole thing and don’t have a tooth to show for it. One down and 19 to go though. 🙂 I’m with you because I don’t know what to do with them either because my son is convinced the tooth fairy needs them to build her castle so God forbid he ever find a bag of teeth lying around! lol


  2. We read about several cultures where the tooth is thrown into the sky for the fairy or a bird to take it away and bring back another one. We have done that a couple times. Michael often puts them on a branch of a tree.


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