For the Love of Crafts…

It’s the time of year where red glittery things line the store shelves and my 1st grader starts freaking her dad out with words like “boyfriend” and “Valentine.” I, on the other hand, am choosing to focus on all the amazing crafts I can squeeze in between now and the 14th. Today we had half an hour to spare and decided to make coffee filter hearts. These are easy, fun, and perfect for all ages.

Supplies for Tie-Dye hearts

What you’ll need:
– Coffee Filters
– Scissors
– Markers
– Cup of Water
– Something to protect your work surface

Cut out a heart

Start by folding your coffee filters in half and cutting out a heart shape. Older kiddos can do this part, or you can prepare them ahead of time for kids who aren’t quite ready to wield scissors.

Coloring the Filters

Next, let your crafters color the filters with markers (Use a variety of colors and cover the majority of the filter for best results.) Make sure to protect your surface because the markers will bleed through the filter.

Colored HeartDropping Water onto the filters

Finally, use  your fingers, a turkey baster, or a pipette to  drop water onto the filters. This will cause the colors to spread and create a fun tie-dye like effect.

Finished Hearts

Let them dry and hang in a window as a fun Valentine’s Day decoration.

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