Ballerina In The Box

“It’s a girl!”
Those words still echo in my mind, and forever remain in my heart.

A girl.

The day that Emaleigh was born was the first day that I got to experience a miracle firsthand. Ray and I created her!

A first time mom, I remember being exhausted. But, I could easily stay awake for hours at night just rocking her. Staring down at her in amazement.
She was perfect. We never wanted to put her down.

Looking back it seems like just yesterday. How can it be that she will be turning 11?!

I remember when she turned one. It was around this age that her little personality came shining through.
Her love for Disney Princesses…any of them really. She loved them all.
The colors pink and purple were all over our house.

When she was being potty trained, the one thing that really worked was if a Disney Princess (our moms) called her if she went on the potty.
Her eyes lit up…it was then that I got to experience magic firsthand.

When Emaleigh was about 1 1/2 we let her get her ears pierced.
As a gift, I gave her my very first jewelry box. And, believe it or not, the music still played, and the little ballerina on top still spun around.
I remember Emaleigh being so excited about it. We would sit in her room and listen to the jewelry box and it would take me back to the young girl I once was.

The little box, that once used to hold my earrings and sing me a tune…now does it for my daughter.

I was in her room the other day, and the jewelry box caught my eye…
It’s quite surreal because the jewelry box is still in the same room it was as when I was a little girl. (We live in the house that I grew up in.) So, when I saw the jewelry box I was that little girl in my old room…. Only for a brief moment.

Then, I glance around and see all of MY daughter’s things.
I see notebooks, a bracelet loom, zebra striped bedsheets…she’s not that little girl anymore. No more pink and purple everything. No more cute little sayings or baby dolls.

Emaleigh is growing up.

She can now sit at the table and have “adult like” conversations.
She now reads a book and asks me to read them after her.
She has her own style, does her own (beautifully curly) hair and has the best personality.
If her little brother is crying, she wants to be the one to his rescue…My little Mommy.
She is able to problem solve on her own and it completely excited to go to middle school.

Middle School!

Honestly, I think she’s most excited to get an ID card with a picture. She’s already asked us if she can make a funny face in it…God, I love her.

Last week at a meeting we had at school, the “childcare” didn’t show up. So, without even being asked, Emaleigh watched nine kids younger than her for 2 hours. And she did amazing. My heart was full when I walked in and she was having them clean up the paint and the Play-Do that she had them playing with… It was then that I got to experience time (and how fast it flies) firsthand.

I have enjoyed every minute of watching Emaleigh grow. And, it’s becoming more and more obvious that she is becoming a young lady.

I’ve tried…I can’t stop time.

I look at the relationship I have with my mom, and I pray that I continue to have the same relationship with Emaleigh…my beautiful little girl.
My little girl that has to grow up.

I get choked up when I think of Em as a little girl, but I’m also joyed to watch her become who she is becoming.
I mean, she will always be my little girl, and all I need to do is open up the jewelry box to remember the little girl she once was…
we both were.

My little ballerina in the box.

5 thoughts on “Ballerina In The Box

  1. And you can open up that same jewelry box and remember the little girl you once were! I have tears in my eyes remembering that little girl who grew up into a beautiful woman, full of grace and heart full of love! I am blessed to be your mom!


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