How a Daily Schedule Can Get Your Time Back

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Autumn Leopold and I am a professional organizer and blogger. I live in Windsor and we have been here three years. We absolutely love it and plan to be here forever! I have been organizing for two years in Colorado and started my blog last year. I hope to switch to full time blogging.

Today I wanted to talk to you about daily schedules. I recently and finally took an awesome business planning class. One of the best ideas I took away from it was basically that I kind of sucked at managing my own time. I mean it was easy for me to see and tell others what they were doing but then I would come home and get distracted with my own life and wonder why I was always running behind.

How a Daily Schedule Can Get Your Time BackThe coach who taught this class did what I am doing for you today and introduced us to many different templates of calendars. She gave us daily, weekly, monthly and yearly template! Wow right? However, today I really want to focus on helping you learn why a daily schedule is so important. Before I started a business and started blogging I was a stay at home mom. My son just started kindergarten this year. Most of the time we did what we wanted on our own little schedule. Which is fine if you have no other goals or plans. However, once you start adding in things like meal planning, time for chores, quiet time, Bible study time, time to workout, or even time to just sit and read HGTV magazine you will quickly see how fast you can get behind. Why do you think all of these printables with chores lists, menu plans, and fitness schedules are so popular? Because we want to take our time back!

If you really want to know where your time is going print one of these daily templates and write down everything you do in your unscheduled day. That includes jumping on your computer to check a quick e mail and finding yourself zoned out on Facebook or Pinterest 45 minutes later. Write that down. Then at the end of the day write down how long you were doing something productive vs. not productive. By all means, I am not saying you have to be productive all day, but it’s those zone outs that get us all behind. If you want an hour on Pinterest schedule it and set a timer.

Once you figure out where you are losing time it’s time to create your daily schedule to gain that time back. I know it seems like another rigorous chore to be added to your To Do list but I promise you it’s worth it!

How a Daily Schedule Can Get Your Time BackHere are four basic steps I use to create my daily schedule:

1.) Write in all of the mandatory appointments for the day.

2.) Write in your top three most important goals (i.e. fitness, writing, menu plan).

3.) Write in your secondary goals in the spaces you have left (i.e. chores, reading, playing with kids etc.)

4.) Any times left can be your zone out time. 🙂

While making the schedule for the rest of the week see if any of the times you have set for your goals can carry over to the next day. It helps if you can get in the habit of doing things at the same time every day. I know some schedules don’t allow that so you have to do what works for you. Try this for at least a week or two and see if you notice an increase in your productivity and positive attitude!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!

I’ll be writing an organizing blog for Rocky Parenting once a month and would love for you to tell me what you are interested in learning about. You can connect with me on social media or leave a comment after the blog.

Here are the templates for you to try:

Daily Schedule 1

Daily Schedule 2

Daily Schedule 3

Daily Schedule 4

Daily Schedule 5

Daily Schedule 6

Daily Schedule 7

2 thoughts on “How a Daily Schedule Can Get Your Time Back

  1. This is one of my biggest challenges! I know I waste time throughout the day and I’ve been thinking about ways to tighten up my schedule in order to free up bigger chunks of time.


  2. Great point! Determining how long it takes to do a project first helps me determine and break up my day easier. I write a small business blog as well as an organizing blog and noticed that this is one thing that my clients and I need help with, so I included the link about project time estimation. Thanks for sharing.


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