On one year of crazy adventure

This week Remy turned one.

Remy last year - itty bitty and still in the hospital

Remy last year – itty bitty and still in the hospital

Remy this year - off on adventure

Remy this year – off on adventure











Its hard to believe that this time last year we were enjoying the most fabulous, laid back Christmas ever in the hospital with a tiny, barely-human creature that couldn’t do anything at all. And this year, we have a boy who can communicate his wants (if not yet his hopes and dreams) and who cannot wait to get out there and explore this big wonderful world.

But I think the craziest thing, for me, is how little has actually changed for us. For the most part, we are still who we were. We still do most of the things we want to do (although I sometimes miss going to movies). We still go to work and school, and hang out with our friends, and take walks around the block when we get antsy. We still eat the same foods and travel to the same places. We still dislike holidays and giving presents. We still read webcomics early in the morning. Now we just do all of those things with Remy.

One of my favorite people gave Remy/us a wonderful gift for his birthday: “What the dinosaurs did last night” a lovely picture book by the couple who created Dinovember.¬† In the forward, the dad, Refe, writes:

Our kids aren’t a hindrance to the things we want to do -they’re integral to everything we do. They’re our partners in crime and our grass-stained, runny-nosed muses. They’re part of the story we’re telling, and, one day, we’ll be part of theirs.

I loved this, because this is exactly how I feel about Remy. Having kids is not for everyone. God knows that for the first 11 years of our relationship kids were not for Tom and I. But for right now, Remy is a wonderful part of the story that we are telling. And I’m so excited to celebrate who he is becoming, and how we are continuing to tell this story together.

Thanks for following us along on this adventure so far. I hope that the last year has also been full of adventure and surprise for you. I hope also that the year ahead has many and more awaiting your discovery.





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