Stirring Up Some Patience

I have always loved this time of year. I love it for many reasons, but a big one is the time I get to spend baking with my Mom and kids. Ever since I was little, I can remember baking Christmas goodies with her.

As a young girl, I was most excited about decorating the cookies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to taste all of the dough, just wanted the end result. But, now as an adult, I realize that there is so much work to do before that is even a possibility. There is so much preparation that goes into baking, but as a kid I never got that. Lots of ingredients, mixing, stirring, rolling, and baking before frosting the cookie was even an option.

Looking back, I can remember my mom would roll the sugar cookie dough out for us and we would be the official cookie cutters.

Roll. Cut. Repeat.

Then, we would get bored and walk away, leaving my mom to finish the rest of the cookie cutting. Same with Peppernuts. She would roll the dough into snake like rolls and we would cut the roll into small pieces (like dog food). We only lasted so long before we were off doing something else. Again, leaving my mom to finish off the rest of the dough! And dishes? I never even realized had to do those too!

As a mom, I can now appreciate the patience it took on my moms part to not only start and finish the baking, but to have all of our helping hands “helping” her.

Now, I see my kids doing the same thing I used to do. Wanting to skip ahead to the “fun” stuff.

They always skip out on the “boring” stuff. Stuff like, waiting for the candy thermometer to reach hard crack. Do you know how long you have to stir for hard crack? A. Long. Time. That’s how long. Now, I appreciate the process of stirring….and stirring, and stirring some more. It takes time. It takes patience.

As we all gather with our families over the next few days, soak it all in.
Even if your life isn’t where you thought it would be…be assured that someday, you’ll get there. You might be wanting to skip a few steps to just get to “decorating the sugar cookies”, but maybe God still has a lot of stirring, and stirring to do. Be patient.

For God creates the best cookies…

One thought on “Stirring Up Some Patience

  1. Absolutely correct on the process of “let’s bake Christmas cookies”! In all my many years, I have stirred and stirred! Yes moms , make the memories, stir, roll, wash up, repeat!
    Merry Christmas!


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