On Rocky Real Life Law School Finals

This week the Rocky Parenting team is contemplating “Real Life” and all the messy, rocky, crazy things that entails.

Luckily for me, this coincides with the end of the semester and the beginning of finals. I would like to think that I’m generally pretty honest with you about how I am not anything close to a perfect parent. Two weeks ago I confessed to not being that “into” the holidays (although we did buy a tiny Christmas tree this year. So I guess that’s progress.) I’ve also mentioned letting Remy drive, reck havoc in my law school classrooms, and flirt with all of the girls and all of the boys. Clearly Remy and I make a pretty rockin’ Real Life team.

a baby sits in the middle of a room, toys scattered everywhere around him

Oh, for bonus points: in this photo you can see Remy’s Christmas present that his parents opened early

This is my front room today. Sure, there are toys everywhere. Sure, one of the dining room chairs is just sitting in the room, nowhere near the table. You might also notice that Remy is tightly clutching a lotion bottle. I’m just hoping he doesn’t succeed in popping it open and eating it. During these weeks leading up to finals, anything crazy can happen. But Remy’s toys aren’t strewn all over because I’m busy preparing outlines and writing briefs. It’s because he’s a baby and he likes throwing things on the floor and mixing them all together. Not only that, but he needs to do that stuff to learn. Remy has three tests that all things must go through:

  1. Can I fit it in my mouth?
  2. Can I tear it into bits?
  3. Can I use it to touch/bang on something else?

How is he supposed to perform these tests if things are put nicely into boxes? He cannot.

Remy can sense order, and he is not comfortable when it happens. Are all the puzzle pieces where they go? Not for long! Have mom and dad finally finished playing with his TeGu blocks and stacked them nicely in the box? Whatever for?! Are all the letter animals in their tray? Those things need testing!

Honestly, I think being in the middle of finals just makes me less guilty about the whole thing. By now, people who just stop by know the table will be covered with papers and the floor will be littered with toys. Maybe it’s better that way. It’s definitely easier to find something to play with.

*Share your #rockyreallife stories on Twitter (@rockyparenting), on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.  We’ll share the list this weekend so none of us have to feel alone in this beautiful mess of life.*

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