Glittery Snowflake Craft

New Rocky Parenting writer, Jolene Timm shares a simple idea for a holiday craft with kids today!  

I love the holiday season for so many reasons.  But one of my favorite parts about this time of the year is making fun crafts to fill our house with holiday cheer.  Now that I have a little minion running around, I have an excuse to whip out the glitter glue and construction paper without looking a little crazy.  I am also a big believer of finding ways to make crafts with stuff that we already have at home.  When thinking about a craft, I don’t like to have the feeling of “ain’t nobody got time for that!”  I want Little S to be able to create little masterpieces to fill our home.  So when I am considering crafts for us to make at home, simple is always at the top of my list.

Another thing that you should know about me is that I am a second grade teacher and former elementary art teacher.  That means I love to incorporate a little bit of learning into all of my crafts.  It doesn’t have to be extensive, but I do feel like little ones should know why they are creating something.

So for this craft, Little S and I talked about snowflakes: shape, color, and feel.  We discussed how no two snowflakes are the same. I pulled up some pictures from the internet for Little S to see up close views of a snowflake.  It was just enough for us to get excited about creating our own snowflakes.

Now for the fun part!   For this craft you will need:

*Glitter Glue – we bought ours at the dollar store in a pack with all different colors like blue, red, silver, gold, and green.

*Blue construction paper – one piece for each snowflake you plan to make.

*Q-tips – cut some in half for a variety of sizes to use.


*Pipe cleaners – one for each snowflake (any color will do).

*Hole punch

To get started, pre-cut your q-tips to a variety of sizes.


Next, draw a small quarter-sized circle in the middle of one sheet of blue construction paper.  This allowed my little one place the q-tips around the circle.

Now, have your child put glue on the cotton parts of the q-tips.  I had to help make sure that too much glue wasn’t used, but the idea is to let them do as much as possible.



Allow them to arrange the q-tips around the circle however they want.  When they are finished placing the q-tips around the circle, have them go around the q-tips with their glue for an extra glittery effect.  If they glob on too much, take a q-tip and smear it around.  One can never have too much glitter!


Once they dry enough that the q-tips won’t come off, cut around the edge of the glitter to make a snowflake shape.  Use your hole punch to make a hole in the “top” of the snowflake.  Place the pipe cleaner through the hole and twist tie it at the ends.


Now the only left to do is find the perfect spot to hang your glittery snowflakes.

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