I Can’t Stop the Waves, But I Can Learn to Surf…

Today was the day I was planning on ‘getting it all done’ before a family road trip for Thanksgiving. By ‘getting it all done’ I mean packing, dishes (so the husband-who is staying home-doesn’t have to do them), getting laundry done so the kids have clean underwear, yada yada. Obviously nothing went as planned. I naively took the kids to story time at the library. My son fell to pieces over A SHOE*. He was sobbing in the car because he couldn’t get it on correctly. By the time we made it to the library, I was totally spent. It wasn’t until after the story time, while Girl Q was playing a computer game, that I noticed. Her eye looked…incredibly…pink.

It’s just the fluorescent lights, I thought. Maybe she smacked herself and it’s irritated. 


I was able to see our pediatrician a mere five minutes after I called the office. Yes, it’s pink eye. The antibiotic drops might not do a thing because it looks viral. It’s not really that contagious, it’s just that it’s goopy and gross. Bring disinfectant wipes. 

Everyone and their mother was waiting in line at the pharmacy. When we finally got our Might-Be-Totally-Ineffective drops, I thought I’d pop a couple in right away. Girl Q was having none of that. She screamed, thrashed, hit, and eventually disowned me. “I don’t want you to be my mom anymore! You’re being so bossy and budgy! I don’t like eye drops because they’re like Jell-o and I don’t like it!” 

photo 2 (1)

One of these things is not like the other…

photo 3 (1)

Supplies! Saline wipes (okay, it says “Boogie”, but who says it can’t be EYE Boogies?), disinfectants, eye drops, hand sanitizer…

Reflecting on today, I’m still totally exhausted and stressed out but I’m still excited for our road trip. Maybe I can turn Not Spreading Pink Eye into a sweet travel game. I’m going to take a commercial break from the stress of today just to be thankful and remind myself that it’s really, really not too bad.


–Boy Q can read by himself.

–Our leaky tire was easily fixed and fixed for free.

–Red Robin offers gluten-free hamburger buns. YUM, indeed.

–I get to go on a road trip! Junk food.

–I have a job where I work rather infrequently and my job involves books and other people who love books. !!!!!

–Pink eye isn’t THAT bad. (Bonus: Pink eye makes me think of Pink-Eyed Pete from the Pepper Ann cartoon. Please Google.)

–*Recent Addition*, Glad my husband is okay after he hit black ice this morning. !

I attended a happiness seminar recently where the participants were told to write down things they were grateful for every day. I’m not great at doing it. Like most people, I tend to focus on the negative. But I’m finding that remembering a positive definitely helps cancel out the negative…

Everyday may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

*My fault. That all could have been avoided if I had just let him wear sweat pants tucked into his cowboy boots like he wanted. 

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