Such a Good Looking Boy: the Gift of Autism

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving we are re-blogging some of our most popular posts on gratitude.

Rocky Parenting

46128_464209811132_994057_n“He is such a good looking boy” was in the first paragraph of a multipage report spelling out in detail that my son had high functioning autism. You see, it should not have come as a shock. We knew he was a very unusual boy early on. However, having a professional tell you that your son is autistic can still steal your breath. I mean, isn’t this a life sentence?

The countless hours spent building small scale models of museum exhibits. His obsession with ceiling fans. His difficulties with gross motor skills. His need to spin, literally spin through much of his school day. These we were all aware of. Now, we had a name for those behaviors. AUTISM

What we heard with trepidation five years ago has gone from seeming to be a disability to a gift. It does not make my son disabled; it makes him different. So…

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