On Things that Help Us Remember

This week I’ve been thinking about ways to remember the every day. One of the other parents at school was telling me that he keeps a family blog. Even though the grandparents do read it, he considers the blog primarily for him and his wife. When they write about the mundane, it helps them remember the small things that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

My husband and I also occationally write to remember. Every month we write a list of thing that Remy Likes and a list of things that Remy Can do. The next month, before writing the new list, we read back over the last list to see what has changed. It has been fun to see what changes quickly and what stays the same. Last month, Remy was all about Bananas. This month, raspberries are on top. Things that have not changed: Remy loves touching things with blocks, playing with coffee tumblers, and walking along furniture. Going back even further, its fun to see how much has changed. Turns out, there was a time when Remy didn’t know how to hold on when he was held, or sit up on his own.

Sometimes we are a bit late. And, there are many things that this list doesn’t capture. Even though I was skeptical at first, it turns out that babies really

Even though he looks guilty, everything there is firmly within Remy's domain,

Even though he looks guilty, everything there is firmly within Remy’s domain,

do change every day and they learn new things every week. I was reviewing the list from October and noticed that I had forgotten to write down that Remy not only Likes but LOVES the medal scoop that we used to use for oatmeal. This week, Remy has been particularly interested in the seatbelt in the car, stacking cups inside other cups, raspberries (above all other things raspberries), and trying to climb into things, including: boxes, laundry baskets, the bathtub, and filing cabinet drawers.

Taking photos and videos is also a great way to keep track. I have a lovely friend who makes wonderful videos to summarize the months with her daughter. They are always beautiful and meaningful, and capture the every day in a wonderful way.

What do you do to help you remember the things that your little one loves and learns?


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