Who Pead on the Floor?

DSCN3696I was cleaning up after dinner last night and this is what I saw:

So then I started thinking, should I ask, “Who peed on the floor?” or “Who pead on the floor?” Which makes the better pun? Because there are peas on the floor, but as any parent who has potty trained kids knows, there is probably also pee somewhere on the floor.

But really, the bigger question is “Where did all my grammar go?” I talk to kids all day. All. Day. And I hear them say grammatically incorrect things so often, that they have become part of my everyday lexicon.

“Park over.” – when they want me to pull the car over because they saw something cool.

“We made three snowmans.” – yup, there were three of them lined up in the yard.

“I’m blooding.” – quick, better get a band aid.

I really don’t think he was talking about the peas when my littlest dude said, “I just eated something from the floor and it was really good. Can I have more?”

Perplexed by her speech, my daughter once tried to explain some preschool grammar rules to me, “There are two kinds of wind. The kind that blows you over and when you wind the race.” Of course.

Surrounded with phrases like this, no wonder it is sometimes difficult to hold a conversation with another adult, or to write stories that make sense. But occasionally they melt my heart with their misguided words, “Mommy, can you write ‘I love Mommy’ on this paper and then forgoted about what you wroted so I can give it to you?”

And then there was the day I overheard my middle son in the bathroom with my husband and he said, “Daddy, you have a tail in front.” And that, my friends, is the end of my tale.

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