Sweet or Sour…Your Choice

Yesterday’s Rocky Parenting blog…enjoy!!

Rocky Parenting

I grew up on a farm.

That being said, I think that there has always been a different “way” that we did things. Not different to us though because it was always our…normal. But, different from our friends who lived in town.

My friends in town would walk to the park, and we would go play on the old, rusty equipment.

Town kids would ride their bikes around town, we would ride ours around the yard, and a mile to our grandmas house on a busy county road.

When we got old enough to drive, our friends in town would probably casually park their cars in front of their houses and walk in…we (I will speak for my oldest brother for sure on this one) would park our car and sprint 100 feet to the front door in fear that the children of the corn might come out that night.

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