Please! No Puffy Pants


Both my sons have always hated puffy. Puffy pants, puffy jackets, puffy shirts, puffy.  Any item of clothing of a billowy nature which made them appear bigger/wider than normal.  This phenomenon began when they were both around six or seven years of age. I still recall the puzzled face of sales clerks in the children’s department when I would inquire as to where I might find pants with legs of the little less wide variety.  But alas, narrow legged pants were a scarcity if existing at all and remained an un-tapped market. And ski jackets?  Try finding a ski jacket of the non-puffy variety. I felt like an unfit mother as I would watch my sons depart for school on a cold and windy November morning clad only in a sweatshirt and shorts. I would actually google “warm but thin ski jackets” in desperation and then in triumph found a Patagonia soft shell jacket of the non-puffy variety.

I recall an episode of the old television comedy “Seinfeld” wherein Jerry accidentally agrees to wear a designer friend’s shirt on the Today show and then is horrified to find it is of the puffy variety “like the pirates used to wear.”  He is ridiculed by both the host and friends mercilessly. Elaine tells him he looks like the “Count of Monte Cristo”   Yes, puffy is generally considered a fashion don’t except in perhaps the world of high couture.

And then the world changed with the introduction of skinny jeans. The problem, however was in finding a style that was slim but not so skin tight as to make them appear like pre-pubescent rock stars.   No, skinny jeans didn’t exactly fly.  Where was the happy medium?

And then a breakthrough in the slick world of advertising and marketing!

Slim Styles! Narrower in the leg but not too tight, fitted, faded or dark, our perfect solution.  I have always loved levis jeans which was a staple in my own high school days back in the 1970’s and appears to be making a comeback with high schoolers of today.

My sons are now teens age 13 and 15. My oldest is a freshman in high school where the fashion is preppy shirts and khakis. I no longer have to search far and wide for slim style clothes as they are ubiquitous… slim shorts, slim khakis, slim shirts.  Thank you J Crew Slim Shop for recognizing our vision of so many years ago — I only wish it had been my idea..

5 thoughts on “Please! No Puffy Pants

  1. Hahahahaha – Jerry’s puffy shirt was the first thing I thought of when I saw your title. “But I don’t wanna be a pirate!” Slim jeans were our salvation, too, for my beanpole son. Now he’s gotten so tall and skinny we can only find jeans for him at American Eagle, and he has to order dress pants specially from Land’s End. Fie on puffy!
    -Amy at


  2. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree! Just recently when viewing a recent family photo i remarked how strange i looked in the photo. You told me that you took it upon yourself to crop my shirt as it was puffy and made me look “big as a house” — a more prickly sister may have taken offense! you are a funny one, katherine simmons!


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