The Shower Scene

aaaYou all remember the shower scene in PSYCHO, right. This is slightly different. When eleven people share a 1 bedroom, 1 loft, 2 bathroom cabin for vacation, showering presents its own set of challenges – especially when everyone is related.

My first mistake was the assumption that I could be alone for 8 minutes in the bathroom. Every mother should know this isn’t possible. My second mistake was overlooking the lock on the bathroom door. Obviously my bad, but I certainly wasn’t anticipating the kind of traffic I encountered.

Finishing, I had just turned the water off and was reaching for my towel when the door opened. “Hello?” I asked.

“Ummm, I have to go,” I heard, not from one of my own children as I was expecting, but from my 9-year-old nephew.

“You have to go? Right now?”


“Okay, is it number one or number two?”


So, there I was, wrapped in my towel behind the quintessential ‘bear in the woods’ cabin shower curtain with my nephew taking care of business just an arm’s length away. Don’t worry, he wasn’t grunting too much.

But then I heard him squeal, and then say, “Grandpa, don’t look! Can you close the door?” I didn’t peek past the curtain, but apparently my father-in-law was next in line and the door was wide open.

After reminding my nephew to flush and close the door behind him, I flew into my clothes and busted out a swift escape move that would have made the guys in Shawshank Redemption proud.

Ahhh, family time!

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