Bring On The Cape

I wrote this blog about a year and a half ago at and just thought I would share it again. It’s been a rough week for me (nothing seems to be going right), yet I know in the eyes of my kids I am still “Batman”. Enjoy…

So I should probably be sitting here folding these 3 overly full laundry baskets of clothes, but instead, I would like to share a story. 

Yesterday morning, I was feeling a little overwhelmed doing my morning “routine” of waking the kids up for school.(I like to picture myself like a whispering fairy gently flying into their room, and kissing their cheeks to wake them up…but in reality I probably sound more like a drill sergeant). Anyway, as I am finally getting Emaleigh nudged enough to where she’s sitting up in bed, Elijah walks in. The first thing she says is, “Bubba, were you crying for Batman at like 1 o’clock this morning?” He just kind of giggled and replied, “Oh yeah, I meant to call Mommy, but I called the wrong name.” Both of the kids just started giggling, Em got down from bed, and Elijah returned to his room. Life went on.

Knowing that they had both forgotten about it, I didn’t bring it up again…but I thought about it ALL DAY LONG. I couldn’t help but feel special that my 6 year old boy, who LOVES Superheroes had mistaken my name for Batman! Now, some might think, “Well, Caiti they DO sound alot alike. Easy mistake. Mommy…Batman. I’m sure he just got mixed up.” But to me…this is HUGE.

Then it hit me.

Although it was just a half asleep mistake…deep down, I might really be his Batman!

Woah! Boy, do I feel under-qualified to take on such a name! Then I thought about the power of a MOM. We really are like Superheroes! We do so much for not only our kids, but for our entire family. So much of our “Bruce Wayne” (Batman’s real name…wow, a little bit of “dork” just popped out of my mouth) is pushed aside so that we can take on the role of “Batman”. Just like in the movies, something always goes wrong, but in the end, Batman redeems himself. As a mom, I can totally relate to this. There are days where I feel like nothing goes right…the sprinkler broke so I have to take 2 hours to fix it, ran out of milk so can’t make what I had planned for lunch, dropped the iron so I can’ t iron work shirts, washer overflows so I can’t wash clothes! I know, Batman has MUCH worse days, right?

But then there are some days where I feel like I am on top of the world..I have laundry done, dishes put away, kids down for a nap, floors mopped, dinner in the oven…I have even showered and gotten dressed (That’s HUGE) All in all, the life of a superhero is sometimes stressful, and some jobs go overlooked…but in the end, my “superhero” life is totally worth it.

Here’s to all of the “Batman’s” I know…

I might not be able to save the world…but I have the ability to save their day…and possibly the burned casserole in the oven.
I might not have a bat signal, but I have a baby monitor that works just the same! I don’t have a cape, but I could sew a pretty awesome one.
I might not know how to fight the “bad guys”, but I pray with my kids every night…and that’s a start. 

One thought on “Bring On The Cape

  1. Thanks Batman, thanks for sharing and good to know that other super mums get overwhelmed as well. My criteria for a good day is everyone still breathing at sunset. As long as I have loved and fed them, I am happy!


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