small victories

This week I am celebrating small victories. Homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries from my garden. Planting poppies in the front yard. Eating the dough when the cinnamon rolls don’t rise. Being in the great outdoors with great friends. Remy’s first tired face picture. Finally choosing my 33 items for this season. And a son who is, finally, ten ounces heavier.

a very tired mom and dad

We’re extra tired because Remy’s finally started putting on weight. He is unfazed.

This week I am remembering that one of the beautiful things about summer is that the days are sooooo long that, even after working, I can come home and celebrate many hours with my family. And with so many waking hours packed into one day, I am trying hard to remember to pay attention. It’s difficult sometimes. Paying attention. Especially when I feel like there are so many things that need to be done. Especially with a baby who thinks everyone should only be paying attention to him. Even so. That is what I’m working on.

Many of these tiny victories this week were with friends, they were loudly celebrated. But some were so quiet that anyone else walking by would have missed them. When I saw that Remy had gained so much weight, there was a quiet celebration.  It was the last ten minutes of the breastfeeding clinic and only a few moms were left. The nurse that has been working with Remy and I for months was not there. There was no one there to celebrate with me but Remy. We did a very quiet but very happy dance. It was strange for me to have such a quiet victory. Later, we celebrated loudly with our friends. But for a few moments, only Remy and I knew that a victory had been won. This was one of my favorite moments with Remy so far.

This summer, I hope you all are able to celebrate many victories, large and small.

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