Mother’s Day Schmother’s Day

I finally got my son’s Mother’s Day assignment from preschool.

Let’s take a closer look at this adorableness.

Aside from him correctly guessing my age (20), it turns out Boy Q doesn’t know me at all. Pink?!

Boy Q, what do you think my favorite color is?!



Oh. What is it?!

Blue, purple. Sometimes green. Lots of colors, really! What’s my favorite food, Boy Q?

Uh….” Now he can sense there’s a right and wrong answer. I’m setting him up to fail and he can tell.

Pizza! It’s pizza.”


And what is the ‘Hobbit One Game’?”

“The computer game!

What is it?! We play UNO all the time!” 

Okay, I do love to talk to Boy Q and I am always doing laundry.

My kids are young enough that it’s really Dad Q who’s responsible for organizing any Mother’s Day Festivities. This year we basically did nothing, by choice. I was still proud when Boy Q (kind of) remembered on his own.

Boy Q. What day is it today?!

Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day!

I take pleasure in knowing that while he may take me for granted now, someday in his adulthood Boy Q will realize just how important mothers are. In this ruthless and inevitable cycle, it’s only as an adult that we really understand what it means to be a parent. For now, I’m just glad he loves me more than our cats.

Also posted at Boy Q and Girl Q.

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