Sounds of Parenting

Photo Credit: Timothy Durben

Photo Credit: Timothy Durben

You’re going to have to use your imagination to make these sound effects, but if you’re in the trenches of parenting, I’m sure you’ve made a few of these sounds yourself.

Dooph” – when I’m tying my four-year-old’s shoe and he starts running away before I’ve finished and my fingers are still tangled in the laces so that he face plants on the asphalt.

Drak” – when I shred my thumb on the cheese grater making dinner and realize that I’ve used all the band aids in the house fixing invisible boo-boos.

Awww” – when I find my 8 year old in bed crying herself to sleep because she just got to the part in ‘Charlotte’s Web’ where Charlotte kicks the bucket.

Tshhh” – when I sit down on a toilet seat that is wet from a little boy before me.

Dag” – when my husband asks me in the morning how the baby slept?

Woa” – when I walk out of the public restroom at the park into bright sunshine on a beautiful spring day where I’ve spent an hour in a stall because the little one is constipated.

Zhha” – when a cup of cheerios takes a nose dive into the depths of the mini-van’s crevices.

Yah” – when I open the dishwasher and am pleasantly surprised that it is empty, but wonder how it got that way, and then notice that my ‘helping’ husband unloaded an entire load of dirty dishes.

Gug” – when I find the kids jumping on the bed and all the laundry I just folded has flopped onto the floor and unfolded itself.

Shaaa” – when the library book that is due today might as well be in Timbucktoo. Why can’t they attach GPS systems into those bar codes?

Wha” – when I think I’ve hidden myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes of quiet reading, but then the herd comes barging in and I realize I forgot to lock the door.

Wannabeer?” – when the kids are in bed (and asleep) and I can start and finish a conversation with my husband.

What sounds have you made recently?

5 thoughts on “Sounds of Parenting

  1. This morning I think the first sound I made was “uhhhh” – when you push yourself off the edge of the bed at 5am because the five-year-old has decided it’s time for everyone to be up to attend to his stuffy nose 🙂 Someday we’ll miss those sounds, right?


  2. While living in a New York city apartment many years ago with my new baby boy, I was often surrounded by neighbors whom I had never seen let alone met . I could only imagine what they thought of the sounds that emulated through the walls during those first 12 months. No words really, just manic high pitched shrieks and nonsensical,utterings at each and every milestone my son achieved. I recall one evening as I rode the elevator up from the laundry room with a well dressed businessman returning home from work. As I prepared to exit at my floor, the man said goodnight to me and in my sleep deprivation I responded: “Nighty night!” Recall his puzzled look as the doors closed….

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  3. “Tshhh” is a big one for me! EVERYTIME they get me! You think by now it would become a habit to check the seat first? I give you credit though, my sounds are more like a combination of shrieking, grunting, half curse words.


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