Nebulizer vs. Breast Pump

I roll around in bed at night and listen to my little one cough from the next bedroom. It pains me. Sometimes I count the seconds between coughs. If I get to 20, that is bad. 90 or more, and maybe he’s getting calmed down and will fall deeper into sleep.

nebulizerIt isn’t asthma they say. Just a sensitive airway. This means in the winter when we’re passing colds around like hot potatoes, he barely has time to recover from one before the next one smacks him.

It is just a raspy little cough that brings him down and has caused us to join the Nebulizer universe.

This breathing apparatus mists his medicine and delivers it straight to his airway and lungs where he needs it most. But have you ever tried to get a 3 year old to sit still and breathe into a machine for 10 minutes? It requires every ruse in my camp counselor bag of tricks. We read books, do magic tricks, play on the iPad, whatever. He just doesn’t ever really sit still. Ever.

I know it is helping him, but he would just rather be up and playing.  His impatience with the whole process takes me straight back to my relationship with the good old Breast Pump. I spent a whole lot of time with my Ameda Purely Yours in a closet (much more than 2 minutes). We were rather intimate for a lot of years.

I worked full time when my three kids were young and would schedule meetings and projects around my pumping schedule in an effort to do it all. I would sneak into the closet at work, get myself all attached and then sit there impatiently thinking of all the other things I had to do.

Pumping is definitely an adventure. Once I even pumped in the back seat of a car driving through Rocky Mountain National Park with my coworkers in the front on our way home from a meeting. The things we do, right! And then there was the time I spilled almost three precious ounces all over the keyboard in my office. Not a fun thing to have to tell the young, male repair guy from the IT department.

Even the sound the Nebulizer makes defines it as a close cousin to the Breast Pump. Whooch, shmah, whooch, shmah, whooch, shmah. That sound haunts me. And now, here we are, hanging out on the couch listening to that sound again. Except now it is coming from a different machine.

Honestly, I think we’re both just impatient with his breathing and want him to be better quickly.

Anyone that has ideas for getting a 3 year old to willingly use a Nebulizer, I need help.

4 thoughts on “Nebulizer vs. Breast Pump

  1. I was in the same boat…. TV did help some but my son would ask for it knowing it helped his breathing. He also like the mouth piece verses the mask. I dreaded winter knowing that anything would trigger his “airway”. He turns eight next week and we have made it through the year without needing the neb-u-wizer……


  2. I preferred the mask to the mouthpiece because it left my hands free to play with play doh or silly putty. I never got to play with either except for when I was using my nebulizer, so it looked forward to that. When I used the mouthpiece as I got older, I made a game of breathing in really deeply and seeing how long I could blow the vapor out of the other end. I didn’t realize it then, but that actually helped deliver the meds more deeply into my lungs. Good luck!


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