Cabin Fever

As I write this, my kids are, blessedly, outside playing in the sunshine. It’s about damn time.

At the end of the summer, I am exhausted from the Spring/Summer To Do List–repainting, gardening, weeding, nagging my husband to fix this or that. The October chill in the air forces that activity to a welcome end. At first, I look optimistically forward to watching movies, painting with my kids, reading more, baking cookies, making homemade play dough, crap like that. But now the frigid depression of January and February are setting in. We’ve watched too much TV, we’ve crafted too much, and now we’re all bored*. I want nothing more than to send my children away outside.

When I was a kid, I loved winter because I loved snow**. As an adult I am not amused. I hate warming up the car and driving in frigid cold or snow. Last week our car sort of kind of froze and wouldn’t start. The wind blew our storm door off and ripped the door frame up, but since it was -20 degrees at the time, it’s stayed broken and trashy looking. The cold saps the moisture from my hands; my lips and cuticles crack. Our whole family is sick. The consistently overcast skies are getting me down. The crisp novelty of October and November have officially worn off; the frigid sadness of January and February are setting in.

Today is a brief respite from the cold. The National Weather Service tells me that it is a balmy 54 degrees now, but in the middle of this week it’s supposed to snow again!

I know it’s only February. Maybe I’m expecting too much too soon from Spring.

I like to imagine that I’m not alone. I like to imagine a million other frazzle mothers of small children out there, eagerly waiting for the days when we can turn off the heat and open the windows again. There are probably a couple more months to go before it warms up for good, but let’s hope the Vitamin D available today boosts our spirits!

*We are not a family of skiers or snowboarders. though that would help with winter boredom. Aside from being cost-prohibitive, I find my coordination and athletic ambition lends more to good ol’ sledding. 🙂

**As someone from North AND South Dakota, I’m wondering now if this was more of a defense mechanism to ward off depression. More snow? Awesome! Love the stuff.”

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