Awkward Love Finalist #3: Molly Eberly


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“I Enjoy You”

I had had a crush on this boy for almost 8 months.  We were approaching the end of our freshman year at college, where we would both depart the safeness of our college dorms and return home for the summer.  At that point, we lived in the same dorm, had most of the same classes, were both involved in the same Christian campus group, and had most of the same friends.  We saw each other every single day, and were practically best friends.  So I was thoroughly frantic about this awesome-fun-time coming to an abrupt end, and I was determined to tell him exactly how I felt before we left for the summer.

This crush I had wasn’t a secret to anyone, really.  His roommate (Mike) did his best to facilitate conversation between us by bringing up weird topics and then leaving the room.  When a group of us were hanging out in their dorm room, Mike chose songs to play on his Napster account that dealt with unrequired love, etc.  Basically, he didn’t help AT ALL.  All of my female friends agreed he was an absolute doll and we’d be the cutest couple.  One of the only things my friend Nicky asked me for that entire week was, “did you talk to him yet?”

Ah, to be young and in love.

Finally, the last evening had come.  We were set to leave campus the following morning, so it was now or never.  I was going to tell him how I felt!  I cornered the poor guy alone in a glass-windowed computer lab in our dorm building.  We commenced small-talk conversation.  Which, eventually led to me saying (after a really long, awkward pause), “I enjoy you.”  Immediately, my brain regretted the sentence.  I ENJOY him??  What does that even MEAN??  To make matters worse, he responded with, “Thank you?”  You know, like he wasn’t sure whether or not he should be thankful for that thoroughly awkward sentence to come out of my mouth.  I then mumbled something about “have a good summer” and left the room.  Of course, my friends had been watching like sharks (glass windows, remember?).  They asked how it went.  I tried to hide my embarrassment, but Mike and Nicky would find out later that night.  And Mike would tease me relentlessly for a solid year afterwards.

The object-of-my-then-affection went on to date and later marry a girl he met that very summer.  We laughed about it later, and he told me that of course he knew I was crushing on him.  He just, you know, didn’t want to ruin our friendship (I think the term “friendzone” applies here).  I think he also couldn’t believe how awkward that encounter was, when I tried unsuccessfully to tell him my feelings.

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