White Doom

My son was sent home from school early today due to the chance of inclement weather.  The rules of defining a meteorological incident as inclement weather in NC (or anywhere in the southeast) are not for the faint of heart.  It can get dicey quickly. Ice on the roads is the worst.  But flakes blowing in the wind doesn’t send me running for cover.  It makes me want to head out in our 1988 Toyota Landcruiser with my skis and snowboard strapped to the roof.

So here I am in Western North Carolina.  It is 9:45 pm. I am watching the list of closings and delays scrolling across the bottom of my television.  School? No School? 2 Hour Delay? 3 Hour Delay? No Buses on Icy Roads?  What is it going to be?

At this time, our children are faced with some unappealing options.  Saturday School, Memorial Day, shortened Spring Break.  The students have already been informed that school will be extended until June 12th to make up for all the time that has been missed.

Can you imagine the parents that have their kids registered to attend one of the many residential camps that occupy this area?  Those sessions begin before our local kids will even be out of school!

Or that Spring Break trip to snorkel in Cozumel?

People have plans to go to Disney for crying out loud!

And now we are faced with an impending 3 day storm.

8″-12″ of snow.  What I would like to refer to as White Doom.
Panic appears to be setting in.

astoreLook at what happened at our local grocery store:

Pretty confident the milk and the egg coolers look just as empty as these bread shelves.

In my opinion, winter school cancellations are not lacking in perks. Let me be clear about that. My boys love to play outside…so it is awesome when they have the ENTIRE day to do that if they wish. If that is the case, then it frees me up to read the commentary/opinions on our county school website regarding the decisions of our educational administration.

Let me share a few with you:

  • “Wait! Do my babies go at 11? Even in a car?”
  • “Another day. No pay.”
  • “WoooooHooooo.”
  • “Good call. Thank you for making a great decision and caring for our kids and teachers.”
  • “Thanks for making up your minds before the kids got on the bus this time. I got stuff to do and places to go.”
  • “I’m glad my baby girl is out of the cold! My baby don’t need to be out in this cold condition. Listen to the news people!!!!! Don’t say nahhhhhhh it’s not going to snow.”
  • “More coffee.”
  • “Curbs! That’s the answer. If we had curbs it would solve the issue. Oh, and straighten and flatten the roads also.”
  • “Will my babies get breakfast?”
  • “If you don’t like the decisions join the school board and help instead of complaining on Facebook. If you can’t do that pay for a private school or try your hand at homeschooling.”
  • “It’s a good day for me to spoil my babies at the mall!”
  • “Maybe it’s a good day to get off the computer and spend some time with your children.”

Real life people. Real life. I do not make this stuff up.

No official call on our school day for tomorrow. There is a lot of chatter on television about the potential of experiencing an emergency situation. We will pray for the safety of our communities, roadways and those that are responsible for helping us through it. In the meantime, our sleds, saucers and snowboards have been hauled out of the attic and we are ready for action!

Bring it White Doom! We are going to pack you down and sled all over you.

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