Lessons in Hide and Seek


That’s all part of childhood right? There’s the Newborn stage, the Learning to Crawl/Walk stage, the Terrible Two’s stage (which I am all too familiar with right now) and the list goes on and on.

Currently, Eydan is in the Let’s Play Hide and Seek ALL DAY stage.  Is anyone else familiar with this?

That’s ALL he wants to do.  “You count I hide, Mommy!”

Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be playing this with Eydan than folding laundry or putting dishes away.  It’s a blast.  To hear him count, “1, 3, 5, 9,7, 8…here I come!” is awesome. To hear his giggle each time that he is found is hilarious.   I count, he hides.  He counts, I hide.

When I hide, I go in a different spot every time, because the first spot that he always looks is the last spot that I hid in.  But, every time Eydan hides, he hides in the same spot.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Under his bed.  All 144 times.  Under his bed.

Obviously I  know where he’s going to be.  But, I act as if I don’t.  Looking in things, over things, and under things.  I call his name and he answers (He’s not seasoned in this game to know he’s not supposed to answer). All while listening to him snicker from underneath his hiding spot. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this.

As I thought more about this last night, I wondered why Eydan would pick the same spot every time.  He knew of all of the different places I was hiding…but not once did he pick one of those places to hide.  He knew what was under his bed and he knew it was safe. He wasn’t familiar with all of my hiding spots…those were unknown.

As an adult, I look at my own life.  Often, I find myself being in the exact “stage” of life where Eydan is…

Playing it safe.

I get so stuck in the routine. Life is good.  I’m comfortable.  How does that allow me to ever grow as a person?

But, let me tell you.  When I step out of my comfort zone…THAT is when things begin to happen.  The first step is by far the scariest.  Yet, as I begin to move, each step gets a little bit easier.  Let me just encourage you….take that first step!

Cross over the line of your comfort zone into the zone of the unknown.  The zone where you may fail, but you may also succeed.  The zone where you might take a few steps back, but you may be catapulted forward. The zone where you may lose something, but you may also gain something better.

You will never know, if you don’t try.  Step out in faith because life isn’t meant to be mundane.

Don’t be  hider…be a seeker!



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