Bah, Humbug! Devising my own “War on Christmas”


Boy beside store window display of Christmas ornaments from Library of Congress Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Color Photographs Collection

I never have enough time. None of us do. And well, adding the Holiday season onto an already packed schedule just pushes me over into something that looks closer to insanity than living. Each year these weeks close to Christmas rear their ugly heads.  Next week, I call hell week. I realize that may seem sacrilegious coming from a Christian but honestly; it is not without its reasons.

Here is why hell week exists for our family:
(I have a feeling most of you can pinpoint your own)

  • Our “one-day school program” has Christmas Parties and a School Concert we need to attend.
  • My daughters have three dance recitals between them and the oldest has two dance productions of the Grinch. Oh, and that means extra practice times and dress rehearsals too.
  • There is a Christmas pageant to get ready for at church.
  • A Christmas swim party for my son’s swim team
  • An ornament making party with our homeschool group
  • And, a few random holiday parties we should put in an appearance at.

And that is just the organized activities. At some point, maybe I should think about putting ornaments on the tree – or at least fixing that string of lights in the middle that aren’t working. I better get Christmas dresses for the girls. Oh, and people keep asking what I am getting my kids for Christmas…. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime shipping times.

If I don’t sound like Ebenezer Scrooge, I can tell you I feel like him.  This year, can we just skip Christmas?

I find all of this “War on Christmas” fuss to be hilarious. We, all of us, devise the real war on Christmas. It’s all of this extra stuff that we blindly throw into the season each year, exponentially adding to our daily to-do lists in an effort to create a meaningful holiday.

Does this mean I will opt out of doing all of that? No, I will barrel ahead and plow through next week. I will probably love the dance recitals and Christmas pageant. I will have fun talking with my fellow homeschool moms about our crazy year at the ornament party and school program party. Memories actually will get made. We will get through this week and fall into the quiet of the true holiday where we can reflect better on what this special holiday actually means. And one year from now, I may live to whine about hell week again.

One thought on “Bah, Humbug! Devising my own “War on Christmas”

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