Q Christmas: A Bibliography

We are a Family of Readers. Though I’m a librarian, Dad Q and I have accumulated our own personal collection of Christmas books in addition to taking advantage of our libraries (FREE BOOKS). We’ve each brought to our marriage our own individual holiday traditions and books. Thus I present to you: Christmas at the Q House, Told Through the Books We Read:

Some of the Oldies:

Enter the Golden Books. The only annoying thing about this Frosty is that it's not the song, so you can't just sing/read it. Call me lazy, but I just want the traditional jingle, dammit.

Enter the Golden Books. The only annoying thing about this Frosty is that it’s not the song, so you can’t just sing/read it. Call me lazy, but I just want the traditional jingle, dammit.

Good Ol’ Rudolph, $.50!

Another of my books–my Dad was a Berenstain Fan so I have (and now Boy Q has) a small mountain of B.B. books. The tradition will endure!

A soft-book version of A Night Before Christmas from Dad Q’s Childhood

Ditto. These cartoon versions of the Bible story are are a little too wide-eyed and smiley for me. But how could I say no to cartoon Jesus? I can’t.

Christmas with Little Women was one of the best because the illustrations are so beautiful. Jo was definitely the most admirable, in my opinion:

One From My Childhood at the Z House.

My personal favorite from when I was a kid:

A gift from my Aunt Z.

Remember she cut her hair to buy him a watch chain and he sold his pocket watch to buy combs for her hair?! Christmas spirit and romance in one package. I read this over and over, marveling first at their sacrifice and then at their good-natured humor at the situation.

Books from the library donation bin that made it into rotation:

Because Classic. The illustrations in this are gorgeous.

The older versions of The Berenstain Bears feature Papa Bear as an oaf. I had forgotten.


From the current library collection. I am in a love affair with Tomie dePaola’s Christmas books. They are gorgeous and unique. I’m waiting on a few more to support my addiction–The Legend of the Poinsettia, Joy to the World: Christmas Stories and Songs, and The Birds of Bethlehem.

The Friendly Beasts: An Old English Christmas Carol tells the story of the birth of Christ through the animals that were there.

Three Wise Kings, obviously, tells the story from the point of view of the Magi.

The Star, dePaola Style!

How mean does Herod look? He even has a neck-fat roll.

The next book I’ve included because I think it’s hilariously politically correct. While it does tell the story of the Christchild, it also neatly skirts the virgin birth:

Long ago in the city of Nazareth there lived a carpenter named Joseph and his wife, Mary. They had a small house, and they had a donkey, but they did not have any children.” Gotta love how they imply that Mary and Joseph are married by the time she gets knocked up. Look at her face:

There’s no way this girl would do anything untoward, believe you me. 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Reading!

Also posted at my blog–Boy Q and Girl Q.

6 thoughts on “Q Christmas: A Bibliography

  1. I have decided to start the tradition of reading A Christmas Carol to my daughter every December, with the goal to finish by Christmas. Along with some Polar Express and Peanuts Christmas thrown in 🙂 Great blog!


  2. I love this game!! Lets share books! Erin-I will definitely check that one out! I hadn’t even thought of chapter books at Christmas, guess that’ll come next…


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