The Adequacy of Holiday Mediocrity

by sattva;

by sattva;

I’m sure you’ve all read about how Facebook and Pinterest (and Martha Stewart!) can do more harm than good. (“Oh, my God! They’re taking a trip to Hawaii, hosting a holiday extravaganza, and creating ice cubes shaped like reindeer with cherries inside!”) I have unsubscribed to some Facebook updates because it makes me feel like a Mom-Failure. Sometimes the posts of family craft time, adventurous vacations, and successful Pinterest projects can be personally condemning. This is more a reflection of my own insecurities than of anything else–thus I pause to reflect. I think it’s important (but hard, oh so hard!) to be content in what and who we are rather than stress out about what we aren’t.

So let this be my holiday confession–I’m not a person who wants to spend money on matching Christmas pajamas.* I don’t always decorate our house for Christmas or even put out the same holiday decorations. I didn’t even remember, amidst the bustle of Thanksgiving visitors, to ask our kids what they were thankful for. I am most definitely not into coordinated Christmas tree decorations, because I loved putting up my own homemade ornaments as a kid. I don’t have the energy to perpetuate the Santa mythology (our kids have already been told he isn’t real but, in a surprise twist, they refuse to believe me), Elf on the Shelf, or Christopher Pop-In-Kins.** These are all awesome traditions! But I heretofore swear not to feel guilty about not participating in them.

I have to admit that although the traditions we do have pale in comparison to some of the more time/labor intensive ones, I’m sure our children will emerge unscathed, armed with plenty of happy memories. This isn’t the Grinch’s house, Girl Scout Promise. We do have some traditions:

  • Making Christmas Cookies
  • Decorating the Tree
  • Watching Christmas Movies
  • Going Out for Chinese Dinner on Christmas Eve with the Husband’s Family***
  • Attending a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service
  • Um…eating. And eating some more.

That’s about it.

So next time you’re on Facebook and you start to feel like you’re not doing enough, just relax and remember that it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It matters that you and yours have a good time. There’s too much stress and too much to do as it is.

Happy Holidays, Fellow Moms!

*My maximum allowable cost for such an indulgence would be about $25–I estimate the real world cost to be about $60. I don’t want to speak too soon, but if I find cheap ass Christmas pajamas, I could be persuaded. Sidenote to my Footnote: I just asked Dad Q if he would be interested in budgeting for matching Christmas pajamas. His response, “Eh. I could.” His reaction has only encouraged my own apathy.

**I know, I seem like a Scrooge. When my father-in-law discovered that I had no plans of passing down Santa-filled illusions for our children, he was sincerely disappointed. On the other hand, my Mom-In-Law-Q, who was raised to celebrate Christmas only as Jesus’ birthday, had no qualms about leaving Santa behind.

***Points if I don’t have to explain.

3 thoughts on “The Adequacy of Holiday Mediocrity

  1. Love your attitude. And my daughter, who’s studying English and linguistics, would be amused by your use of the phrase “cheap ass.” She’s been telling me recently about the linguistic phenomenon dubbed the “ass compound,” in which an adjective is used in conjunction with the word “ass.” Personally, I find the term “ass compound” funny enough in itself, as it calls to mind some kind of glue to be used on your butt. Anyway, thanks for a great read this morning! 🙂 -Amy at


  2. LOL, that is hilarious! It seems in the last few decades we have excelled at creating new words and phrases. I have had whole discussions with friends (btw, I was an English major) about how the F-word can be used as any part of speech. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re an expert on this ass compound…should it have a hyphen? “Cheap-ass?” ‘Ass compound’ could also be a secret military base where asses are kept…The White House? That was too easy, lol.


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