Gratitude for, well, Gratitude


It’s almost the end of November, or what Facebook has unofficially deemed as “The Month of Thanks” or something like that.

I appreciate what people have to say in their “thankful” status updates. I especially love seeing the creative ways they step out of the “thankful” box.  Finding gratitude in each day becomes difficult when you’ve exhausted the traditional “thankful for family” “thankful for my house”, etc. So to see what 30 days worth of gratitude brings out, is rather entertaining.

A few years ago, a wonderful gal I know started a blog based on being thankful; Every day, for a year, she wrote something she was thankful for. She started it as a way to help her with post partum depression and it turned into almost a following for her. It was inspiring and I believe it started a movement and I saw many comments from readers who thanked her for her stories.

I loved that idea. As I read her stories, I often found myself trying to think of something I was thankful for that day and I still continue my own “thankful” mantra to this day.

It’s my own version of “high/low”, because even on the hardest of days, there is always something to be thankful for, even if it’s as simple as the day being over.

And on those tough days, that’s where I need to find gratitude the most.

I like the notion of finding something to be thankful for, or in other words, finding positive in our days. And finding something to be thankful for each day forces us to truly look around us for inspiration.  There are days where I’m simply thankful for being able to have coffee in the morning or taking a solo trip to the grocery store.

I love that November signals a time to really give thanks for what we have and whom we have in our lives, but shouldn’t we be thankful every other month of the year? Not to be cliché, but we should truly be thankful for waking up each day and having something to be thankful for.

I suppose putting our thanks out there as a status update helps to hold us accountable for the month. But if that’s the case, start a blog like my friend or even a little notebook with handwritten notes.  And when the negative days creep in and finding something positive proves difficult, pull from the past.

I really encourage everyone to take time each day and find something to be thankful for; look outside the “thankful” box.  Being thankful for even the smallest thing helps the mind and the soul. I think it even helps create renewed energy to finish the day or go to sleep happy.

So today, I am finding gratitude in, well, gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Gratitude for, well, Gratitude

  1. What a lovely post Jenn! I too, wrote about finding gratitude in a post around our Canadian Thanksgiving. It is entitled “A Grateful Heart” if you are interested in having a read. At the very least, grab a nice warm cup of tea or your bevy of choice, find a quiet little place and have a watch of this beautiful TED talk. It is one of my absolute favourites & reminds us to find gratitude in each & every day that is gifted to us. Happy Thanksgiving!


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