Thankful for Signs

Road trips. You either love them or don’t… just like Feta cheese.

Well, late Friday night (more like 12 am Saturday morning) we left on our 2nd annual road trip to Wisconsin.  Sixteen and a half hours in our car with our three kids. We love Feta Cheese might I add.

Anyway, Ray took the first leg of our trip and at about 2:30 a.m he woke me up and asked if I was ready to drive for a bit. I grabbed the sunflower seeds and took the wheel. Yes, I realize it was a tad early for seeds, but I had to stay awake somehow!

You can do a lot of thinking when you are the only one awake in the car.  Not to mention, it’s strange jamming (quietly) to The Best of Guns and Roses by yourself…it’s pretty hard  to whisper along with Axel Rose and my sweet air guitar was going unnoticed.  So I decided to turn down the music and just think. Pretty scary. Especially So. Early. In. The. Morning.

What got me thinking was this. Every time I saw a deer crossing sign I could feel my shoulders tense up  and  imagine my knuckles turning whiter as I grabbed the steering wheel tighter with every mile.

Some of  the deer signs said for the next 2 miles and some said for the next 9 miles…be aware. Be alert.  I noticed for the next number of miles that I was so, completely nervous.

What do I do if a deer jumps out in front of me? No idea.  All I kept thinking was, please, please don’t cross during these next 2 miles…or the next 9…and so on.

Anyway, this tense driving went on for an hour and a half. I would constantly watch the miles as I passed the signs and as soon as I thought I was in the clear (because clearly deers can only cross where there are signs, right?) another sign would pop up…and there I was, counting down the next 9 miles. It didn’t help that it was completely dark, and I was the only one awake…just me and the deers.

So, here’s what I came up with. I am thankful for the warnings that these signs bring. I’m thankful that I know there are deer around…I just don’t like the nervousness that comes along with them.

In my own life, God has given me signs. Not big orange ones, but signs to direct my journey. Some of these signs have been easy to follow, but others have not. They have left me with the same nervousness and “what if’s” that I felt driving that night.

But, God doesn’t call us to be timid or nervous. So, why worry?

For me, it’s much easier said than done. Driving alone in the middle of the night, not sure of where you are can cause one to panic a little. But for some reason, driving during the day is much easier. You can see your surroundings, get your bearings and things become a little more clear.

For me, God is that daylight.

His light helps make my journey through life much easier to navigate. When God is present in my life , the worry and fear seems to dissipate and the “white knuckle driving” is not so common.

Yes, there will be bumps in our road. Hills to go up and hills to cruise down. Detours and yes , even deer. But with God as our constant passenger (the real driver), we will get to where we need to be.

And, we will get there safely…even if we are whispering Welcome to the Jungle and jamming with some bad-a__ air guitar moves.

4 thoughts on “Thankful for Signs

  1. Beautiful analogy! I’m always happy to read your posts! Have a wonderful time there, and travel home safely! I love you all…


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