How Coconut Scented Shampoo Saves Me

Coconut tree and lagoon, Huahine

Coconut tree and lagoon, Huahine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may sound trite, but it is real. I love the way it smells. Tropical, clean and sweet.

It truly counters the natural auras that follow my kids: cut grass, sandbox, bike chain grease and Honey Nut Cheerios.

And it is on the days when they drive me the craziest that I crave that smell the most. When they arch their back to fight the car seat buckle, when they won’t put their shoes on, when they spill milk on their homework, when they want to eat Halloween candy for breakfast (and lunch and dinner), and when they fight over the green plate. Again.

And I really need a long stiff sniff on the days they have strep throat and I have to help the nurse wrestle them still for the throat swab, or when they get whacked in the eye with an errant elbow during a tackling match, or when that crack in the sidewalk gets them. Again.

Some moms guzzle coffee for energy, but I’ve never been able to get past the taste of it to enjoy it. Some take smoke breaks, Candy Crush breaks, check their texts or go running.

For me, when my kids are at their craziest, whiniest and we are in the most frustrating part of the day, it is the coconut scented shampoo that saves me.

I simply pull them onto my lap, hug them tight, bury my nose in their hair, close my eyes, inhale as deeply as I can, and breathe. It is a recollection of a pina colada on my honeymoon. It is an Almond Joy in line at the grocery store. It is one of our winter crock-pot favorites, lentil, coconut, ham and shallot soup. It is a fleeting oasis on their heads.

Just that calming moment of closeness is sometimes exactly what we all need to get through the moment.

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