Grateful for Friends



Over the last couple months or so, we’ve been going through the process of moving to a new home. No, not a brand new home, but new to us…sort of.

A few months ago, my hot wife and I decided to take the plunge and sell or rent our home and move out to the country to the farm that she grew up in. A home filled with childhood memories, laughter, and even some tears.

It was a big emotional step for us both, as we are giving up a very special place in our hearts–our first home together. You can read more about that in Caiti’s post, Our First Home. However, we have realized after being out here for about 3 months that we made the right decision. But there’s been something that has really stood out to the two of us throughout the last couple months of making this transition that must be said.

We have some truly amazing friends. Who we are so very grateful for.

I’m not talking about the friends that can keep a secret or won’t talk about you behind your back or even will stand up for you in a fight or a bully is bothering–all great friend attributes, yet simple requirements (in my book) to be a good friend.

I’m talking about the kind of friend that shows up when you need help the most.

We had friends offer to help and just show up when we were moving. We didn’t really want to ask anyone specifically, per-say, but we put it out there…and people just showed up. When they could and did what they could. Every. little. bit. helped.

Caiti and I both want to thank everyone who helped us make this transition. From taking care of our kids for a few hours, to helping move heavy things, all the way down to bringing us food or a few beers to make it more bearable.


One great act stands out even more than the rest, however. And not one that goes unnoticed or taken for granted for a single second.

You see, about 1 week before our closing, I received the final payoff numbers and interest for our loan to close. It wasn’t at all what I had expected…

Between the loan interest, paying Realtor fees and commissions, closing costs, etc…we were going to have to bring a little over $3500 to the table…just to sell our house. Pay to sell? UGH…. We thought we priced it right to break even after confirming payoffs for our loans and calculated that maybe we’d have to only bring less than $1000 to closing, if anything at all… We were wrong. We should have given ourselves a little more room. But after accepting an offer at full price ($500 more, actually) after thinking we priced it too high and wouldn’t be able to sell anyway, we would take what we could get.

But interest is a tricksy little thing…

Not sure what to do, we began to pray that somehow it was wrong or some kind of solution would present itself. $3500 is a pretty large chunk of change. One that we were only prepared to come up with about half of.

After some dinner conversation with a friend about how everything was going with the move, without hesitation, he offered to help me out. Without hesitation. I was a bit taken aback and declined immediately. He responded with a very serious, “If you need help and it’s going to prevent you from closing, we can help you out.”

My heart was in my throat. That I would have a friend this loyal and willing to help me in my time of need…

There have been many other times where I have been in dire straights and trying to figure out what to do next and a loyal friend has come through for me emotionally, physically, and even financially…I feel abundantly blessed to have so many great people surrounding me that I can’t even contain myself sometimes.

We may not always be able to pay back a helping hand that graciously reached out in our times of need, but it was just that–a helping hand…and it’s worth acknowledging anyone who helps you when you needed it most. Even if it wasn’t financial help, but just help.

We can’t always pay back help we receive be it monetary or emotional or whatever…but we can take the moment to simply be grateful that the help existed in our greatest times of need.

Who helped you through a tough time? Reach out to them…and just say,

“THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU.”

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” -Jesse Jackson


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