Day 31: The Parent Teacher Conference

Report Card by AlesLRoss Credit

Report Card by AlexLRoss – Photo Credit

It is that time. A teacher workday.  Which translates into to having an uninterrupted hour to sit with my kid’s teacher. Me and the teacher. Together. Having a CONFERENCE.

Conferences can make parents sweat. This is the time when we all get to hear how our kids are REALLY doing. Until this time, there are phone calls, emails, questions, notes and homework folders. But the actual conference is a time to sit down together, face to face, and hear it all.

Since I have been a teacher, I know students like my son can be tough to have in class.  Just when you think you have the upper hand, a situation arises that you could not have possibly seen coming and you spend the rest of the day trying to recover.  As I intensely search the teacher’s face for some indication of how this conference is going to go down, I experience this…

I sat face to face with a teacher today.
She showed me writing examples.
She showed me math worksheets.
She showed me rubric scoring sheets.
Then she showed me something that I will never forget.
She showed me teary eyes as she talked about my son.
She showed me compassion for her student.
She showed me the hope she has for this boy.
She showed me steadfast commitment.
She showed me the gift of a great teacher.

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