Day 31: Going Easy on Time and Trick-or-Treaters

It's hard to focus when they move at the speed of light.

It’s hard to focus when they move at the speed of light.

I’m posting a little late today because Halloween festivities have lasted a week at my house and have gotten a little away from me.  But on this culmination of creatures, costumes, and candy, I found myself in the middle of a definite change in thinking.  A little lesson from the blogosphere.  I was literally thinking about writing a post discounting the teenaged, barely-costumed trick-or-treaters that were knocking on my door, when I read a fantastic article someone had posted on Facebook.

The article was written from the point of view of one of these teenagers’ mothers.  And it completely changed my perspective on the kids stomping, too late and too underdressed, to my door to ask for candy.  The mother/author describes her son going trick-or-treating with friends when he was probably just past that age where more self-righteous neighbors (ehem…like me) feel it’s okay to trick-or treat.

But the part that really tugged at me was that line between child and adult – where the things you like to do are suddenly no longer age-appropriate, but they still sound so fun.  I see this now even in my five-year-old.  He wants to watch shows for tiny kids, and read some of the board books we’ve had forever, but somehow he’s gotten the message that he’s “too old” now.  And worse, I know it will come with his beloved construction toys, and dress-up play, and bed-time stories.

I can only hope that N and K will run in groups where they feel comfortable to take those risks in particular that require them to stay back in time just a moment.  In a life that moves at the speed of light, I hope they find the confidence to be cook with being kids.  And I know that I’ll be the first one scouring the closets for barely-costumes on a Halloween night instead of grimacing when teenagers come to my door with their hands out for candy.

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