Day 30: A Lesson In Dressing Up

My little Eydan has finally come to an age where he has shown an interest in “dressing up”.  Knowing this day would come, I saved all of Elijah’s old costumes.  We have tons of costumes…I mean, a TON of costumes.  Sometimes, Eydan just opts for a helmet, or a glove, but lately, he wants the whole ensemble.  And, I’m in trouble if we can’t find the matching “gwub”, or the right “cave”. (For those of you who aren’t fluent in Eydan, he is referring to his glove and cape.)

Anyway, I would venture to say that about 27.9% of my day is spent helping Eydan put on his costume, and then  12.2 % is spent taking it off.  Sometimes, the gap between “on” and “off”  is long and sometimes, it’s within seconds of putting it on…he wants a different one. On and off.  Bat-man, no, Buzz.  Ninja, no, one gloved sword guy.  Ninja Turtle, no, Emaleigh’s shoes.  Cape with no shirt, no, Hulk pants.  Cowboy, no, just undies.  Repeat cycle at least 5 times a day.  I could go on for hours.

Don’t get me wrong; I love this age.  He runs around the house acting like Buzz Light-year, he goes to Walmart dressed as Bat-man (it’s Wal-Mart, adults dress like that there), and he’ll go help out at his brother and sisters school as a Ninja.

No shame.  No fear.  And, no idea many of his costumes have tears in the rear end. His imagination is incredible.  What is it about putting on a suit that makes you feel like you really are that character?

My prayer for my kids as they get older, is that they still strive to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.  I don’t want anyone disheartening them, coming down on them, or crushing their dreams.  Unfortunately, in the world we live in, those people are everywhere.  I pray that they are never afraid to be who they truly are, simply because they’re afraid of what others might think.  Who cares?  I want them to persevere.  I want them to live out their dreams…to live out their wildest childhood imaginations….to never lose that wonder and amazement.   I want them to realize that anything is possible…especially with a cape.

Sure, it might take a little bit of “dressing” and “undressing” to figure out what they really want to be.  I’m sure it will come with a little (or sometimes alot) of frustration and stress…but a good battle always does.

Sometimes, all it takes is putting on one costume, to decide that that’s not really who you are….onto the next one.

And someday, I pray my kids will find the right one…the one that they are destined to wear forever.





3 thoughts on “Day 30: A Lesson In Dressing Up

  1. I remember the days of never leaving the house with my oldest unless she was wearing a princess dress, or at least some Micky Mouse ears. I so wish that I could take that confidence and project it back on her self-conscious 11-year-old persona.


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