Day 15: Lessons I Learned in Preschool

That is, lessons I’ve learned in my son’s preschool. I’ve posted about Boy Q’s preschool experience so far. It is abundantly clear that preschool is good for him but lately I realized that I’ve been learning some things too.


These are some of the gems he’s come home with:

  • No Potty Talk

I found out about this rule through a conversation on the drive home one day from preschool.

Me: “How was preschool?

Boy Q: “Good, I didn’t use potty talk today.

Me: “Oh? Do you get in trouble for using potty talk at school?!

Boy Q: “Not today.

Me: “No, I know, but is the reason you are so proud about not using it today because you’ve used potty talk before?

Boy Q: “Mom! I didn’t use potty talk! The teacher told us not to!

Me: Sigh.

But now that I know about this rule, I realize it has inherent power! His preschool teacher has instilled in him this (wholly unnatural) desire to not use ‘potty talk’. So if he makes another joke about poop, I simply say, “Boy Q, no potty talk.” And. He. Listens.

  • Make Eye Contact

This lesson is particularly heart breaking because I felt very convicted as a parent. My kids were wallowing in the bathwater one night–Boy Q was floating on the top. I was sitting in the bathroom looking at my phone.

Boy Q: “Mom?

Me: “Yeah?” I didn’t even look up.

Boy Q: “Did you know that you should look at people in their eyes when they are talking to you?” Here I looked up, because at least I sensed something important was happening. “Mrs. K says that’s what you should do.

Me: “Boy Q…do you want me to look at you when you talk to me?

Boy Q, giggling uncomfortably: “Well….yeah.

Seriously, my own son had to take me to task. I still struggle with this one but I’m making an effort.

  • Fractions

One day my son brought home a worksheet about fractions. Fractions. I didn’t learn about fractions until fifth grade. I remember this very clearly because a) I had just moved to a new school, b) they were in the middle of fractions, and c) I HATED THEM.

Now, Boy Q, loves math and couldn’t stop telling us about fractions: “See, this one is the whole, and then there’s two, and then you split it into three, and then four.” Never mind that he didn’t know the term “one-fourth”, he understood the concepts, dammit.


I have this foreboding feeling that my math skills are going to be surpassed by the time he’s in Elementary School.

I’m going to keep asking Boy Q how his days at preschool have been going. Hopefully he has more to teach me. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Lessons I Learned in Preschool

  1. My oldest came home from preschool saying something that I didn’t quite understand (she was three). One day, when I was helping in the classroom, I figured it out. “Dot, dot, not a lot” was in reference to how much glue they should use.

    We still say that around here.


  2. I still have my kids’ preschool rules on our fridge. They are, on a cute magnet:Safety Rules: We keep ourselves safe, we keep other people safe, and we keep our things safe. I have issues with them, but can’t seem to give them up.


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