Day 4: A Lesson in Latin?


I have a beautiful Latin curriculum collecting dust on my bookshelf. It looks like it is sure to be affective and well designed.  If I would just get the strength to crack it open, my house would instantaneously be filled with pre-med students or upcoming lawyers. Oh wait; lets come back to reality for a moment shall we.

As parents we always try to do too much – to be everything. And, often we fall short because it becomes a Herculean task.  If we could clone ourselves, maybe extend the 24 hour day to 30 hours, we might come close. However, this isn’t science fiction so we learn to make do.

As homeschoolers, this gets even more complicated. Added to all the pressures of doing the right thing as parents is the pressure of making the right educational choices for your kids. My first year homeschooling, I was stuck between the insanity of schooling my three children during the day and each night I spent hours pouring over message boards (such as the well trained mind) in an attempt to be sure I was “doing it right.”

The problem with that approach is that there are so many great methods and curricula out there for homeschoolers. If you are not careful, you may feel like jumping down a different rabbit hole at every turn.  After many stops and starts – that Latin curriculum is not the only dust collector on my shelf.

So, I learned through trial and error to back up, consider who we were as a family, and make choices that fit our lifestyle.  While I understand the reasoning for teaching Latin (; I don’t know Latin myself. I am truthfully far better equipped to teach my kids how to design graphics in Photoshop, or in using primary sources to explore what motivated our founding fathers. Oh, and cuddling on the couch while reading a good book or two – I am an expert in that too.

I only have so many hours to parent. I only have so many hours to teach.  I have learned to make choices and prioritize what makes sense to me. You may disagree. The hours my son spends directing a classic B style horror movie with his friends may appear as a waste of time. Particularly in light of the “necessity” of teaching something like Latin. But, it’s those things that make us unique as a family. I am learning to celebrate and prioritize our specialties rather than listening to all of the outside advice. I have faith that my kids are going to turn out just fine.

Oh and that reminds me…. Any homeschoolers in the market for a Latin curriculum?

3 thoughts on “Day 4: A Lesson in Latin?

  1. I used to register junior high kids for their high school classes. The high-performers always wanted to take Latin and I used to try to talk them into French or Spanish instead so they could learn many of the same roots and know an actual language. I usually lost.


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