Day 1: Lessons in Resiliency…From a Baby.


Have you ever noticed the resiliency of babies?

Lil’ Miss E is one now and constantly on the move, bumping every part of herself into things (a blog post all on its own). A few months ago I experienced one of the rites of passage to parenthood – Ella rolled right off the bed, under my watch. Like most, she was fine, just scared.

After watching Ella quickly and happily move on after every bump, I began to wonder when is it that we lose our ability to be resilient and quickly bounce back from an obstacle?

It seems as we get older, the closer we need to come to hitting rock bottom before we can truly pick ourselves up and somehow find out how strong we are.

Maybe it’s because as we become adults we take on so much more responsibility and the weight of the world gets heavier, especially when we have little lives to take care of and protect.

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I know for myself and several of my girlfriends, we take on the world and then some. Some days I feel as though I have the universe sitting upon my shoulders.

I don’t consider myself to be very religious. I do, however, believe in a being (not sure at this point if it’s a person, thought, or idea) higher than me and the power of positive thinking. And when I am carrying the weight of the world, I have to put it in the hands of that higher being to give myself a break. And I have to have faith in that power to help me change my thinking.

When Stephen and I were trying to have baby and it wasn’t happening for reasons unknown, I had to put my full faith and trust in someone or something higher than me because that was the only way I could be at peace with it and have an attitude of “it will happen when it’s supposed to.”  And, honestly, after I chose to take that position, I found out I was pregnant a short time later.

Whether it’s through prayer or a change in thinking, sometimes when we hit rock bottom, we need to just say “OK, you take it” and put the control elsewhere.

I very recently had to re-learn the art of giving the control to the universe and just accepting what came my way, all the while, knowing something great and right will happen in the future. And it was hard. Very, very hard.

I know picking ourselves up, dusting off and charging on isn’t as easy when we’re adults. But babies have the right idea and can teach us a lesson or two through simplicity, laughter, forgiveness, and resiliency. They are just beginning to encounter bumps in the road and we have already had our fair share; enough to know it does get better.  It takes some of these hard times to make our skin a little tougher and our attitude a little better the next time.

I’m a huge fan of quotes and motivational words. One of my most favorite quotes is the English Proverb “A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner” and I whole heartedly believe that. If we made it through life with no challenges, it would be pretty boring with not much experience to help us through future trials.

So if you are at or near rock bottom, take a deep breath and put your situation in the hands of someone or something else. Knowing, when you are at the bottom, the only way to go is up.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Lessons in Resiliency…From a Baby.

  1. I think there is a reason they call it “childlike faith” right? They trust completely, and we question. But questioning can also be good. It sounds like you are growing!

    Well done on Day 1! So excited for you! You will be amazed where you land on day 31!



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