New Specs and New Perspecs

Recently, I put my kids in charge of getting the mail when they get off of the bus.  So, every day they take turns pulling it out of the mailbox.  And yes, some days it’s an argument because, “he got it yesterday” or “she pulled the door down, and I was supposed to”!  Anyone relate?

Anyway, about a week and a half ago, I heard a shriek as Emaleigh grabbed the mail.  I looked out the window just in time to see her reading the envelope.  I would have guessed that she had just won tickets to Disneyland looking at the smile that beamed across her face! Grinning so wide I could see each and every one of her teeth, she handed me an envelope that read, To the Parents of Elijah Mondragon.

As much as I hate to even say it, my heart sank.  Elijah is a good kid, a good student…so why am I getting a letter in the mail?  A handwritten envelope, not even a generic label!! I hesitantly opened up the envelope as Emaleigh drooled in front of me, just waiting to see what this was all about.

I was relieved to open it up, and find a simple piece of paper from the hearing and vision screenings that they do at school. Elijah needs glasses. Phew! By this time Elijah was standing by me as well, and I said, “Buddy, guess what? Looks like you need glasses!”


Again, I got the, somebody-just-won-tickets-to-Disneyland reaction.  But this time, it was from Elijah.  He was SO excited.  And this Mama, was relieved.

This past Saturday he had his eye exam, and yesterday was finally the day.  He got his very first pair of eye glasses! I may or may not have been just as excited as he was, and pulled him out of school a tad early to go pick them up.

He sat down in the chair as the lady went and grabbed his new specs out of the back room.  At this point, I wish I would have grabbed my phone to take a video, because his reaction was priceless and something I will never forget.

She came out with his glasses in hand, and handed them to him to put on.  He slowly (very sloooooowly) placed them on his face and opened his eyes.  You guessed it; another, somebody-just-won-tickets-to-Disneyland reaction.  Immediately, his single dimple popped from his right cheek as he looked around the room in complete amazement.

I got a lump in my throat watching my little boy take it all in.  His brown eyes were as big as I’ve ever seen them.  He sat quiet for a few moments taking in all of the things that he has been missing out on because his eyes weren’t letting him see that far.  He was able to see things across the store that were blurry just a few moments prior.   He never knew he was missing out, but once he put his little black and red glasses on, it was like a whole new world.

Now, this might sound a little silly to some.  New glasses, big deal.

But, if you just sit back and think about it for a second it’s not just about Elijah and his new glasses.

Yes, my son’s eyes will never be the same.  Every year, we will take him to the eye doctor to see if his prescription needs to be changed.  Every year, he will probably get new glasses.

Are there areas in your life where you need “new glasses”? Maybe there is something in your life that you need a fresh perspective on…a little more focus.

You might not ever know what you’re missing out on if you aren’t willing to open up your eyes to the world around you.


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