Colorado Floods: Can You Help?


Dear Readers,

Many (but not all) of our bloggers live in the Colorado communities most impacted by the flooding: Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins. Yesterday was a frightening, devastating day for our community. We are relieved to report that our bloggers are, for the most part, safe and dry in their own homes this morning. Many families in our community (and those around us) are not so lucky.

Expect to read more blogs about life during the flood (and the rebuilding effort) in the upcoming week. This morning, it appears as though the worst is over, but there are homes and roads and businesses that will be impacted for months, if not years.

For an aerial view of the devastation, you can watch the video here:

If you have the means and the inclination, you can help support the emergency response here in Colorado with a donation of any size to the Red Cross:

Or to the United Way of Larimer or Weld Counties:

Everyone here at Rocky Parenting appreciates your support.


The Rocky Parenting Editorial Team

4 thoughts on “Colorado Floods: Can You Help?

  1. Thanks, Claire! We are safe and dry in Greeley, but so many of our friends have been devastated by this flooding! It’s bizarre to see places like Estes Park – where we ate ice cream just 10 days ago – in such a catastrophic state. Colorado will rebound, but this will take a long while!


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