The Double Headed Hat

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Because sometimes, timeouts just don’t cut the cake.

I love those “I must write that down in your baby book” moments with my kids. Yesterday, while shopping for a Wisconsin souvenir (at Target) we walked past the ladies undergarments section. Normally Eydan is in a cart, but he is at an age where he just likes to walk everywhere, climb on everything, and say “hi” to everyone. Anyway, we walk past a rack full of bright, neon colored bras hanging on the bottom of the rack…I’m not sure if we were just in the extremely short section of Target, but these bras were in perfect reach for a 1 year old! He waddles right over to the hot pink one and says, “cue”!! In Eydan language this is ‘cute’ and also one of his current favorite adjectives. (Right up there with “stinky” and “pew”…)

Anyway, Em and Bubba busted out laughing. Bubba just couldn’t believe that Eydan poked a bra, and Em thought it was absolutely hilarious that he thought it was “cue”! Eydan is a lot like his big sister Emaleigh (and his Daddy) in the respect that once he knows someone thinks he’s fumy, he’ll ham it up even more. So, he decided to put the bra on his head. Only one cup of course, and he must have grabbed a D because it fit his melon perfectly! That just fumed the fire of laughter. Then, without skipping a beat Elijah said, “Mommy, Eydan thinks its a double headed hat”! And that’s when it hit me…

I had just come up with THE most brilliant idea ever!

Let me explain…When Emaleigh and Elijah argue (which they were not that night, l guess I was just thinking ahead for the next time) we started making them hold hands for 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter where we are, that’s their punishment. Because really, when you’re 6 and 8 everyone still has cooties. Well this has worked to an extent, and then it kind of faded away. Then, I see a picture of an over sized t-shirt that said, WE WERE NOT GETTING ALONG in big letters. You place both of your kids in this shirt and make them wear it…together! Um, brilliant.

But THEN, I had my “Doubled-headed-hat-lightbulb-idea”. It’s quite simple really. If your kids begin to argue all you do is gently place both of their heads in the cups of a bra (any will do…the smaller the better) and strap them together. And, the best part is you can even do it in the store. Just go borrow one off of the rack until they decide to behave again. Or, take yours off if needed.

I love my kids, and I am all about trying to find creative bonding experiences for them. And I am pretty sure that if I ever even threatened them with the Double Headed Hat they would immediately stop arguing. Then, hopefully they will never have a picture in their baby book of the time they had to wear it.

Thank me later, but I am pretty sure that I just became the World’s Most Brilliant Mom…or at least the Most Embarrassing one.


11 thoughts on “The Double Headed Hat

  1. My boys are a year apart and my husband once made them walk down the street repeating “I love you” to each other while holding hands. It was brutal, but hilarious! 😄


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