Parenting Dilemma #237

River Phoenix

River Phoenix (Photo credit: quicheisinsane)

There are just times in parenting when there is not a right answer.

The situation: A road trip has been planned to visit the cousins across the state. There is a lot of packing, preparation and excitement. Vacation days from work have been planned, homework has been prearranged, snacks have been purchased for the long car ride and electronic devices have all been charged.

We are ready, the car is packed and basically we are just waiting for the Dad-man to get home from work and we are out the door.

And then the phone rings. It is the Aunt. One of the cousins is puking.

There is a lot of groaning during the short conversation that goes something like this, “He hasn’t been around anyone who is sick. Hmmm. Does he have a fever? Hmmm. What did you all eat recently? Hmmm. Could it be food poisoning? Hmmm. OK, we’ll call you back.”

The question: So, do we go or do we stay? If we go, we risk a Stand By Me Complete Barfarama situation. If we stay, we risk losing out on some serious fun.

What would you do?

4 thoughts on “Parenting Dilemma #237

  1. Good question. I’m not too much of a germophobe, but stomach viruses are particularly nasty. In this scenario, it doesn’t sound like rescheduling is a convenient option so I’d probably go for it. It someone else in their house starts to vomit, then I’d turn around.


  2. I agree with heading out the door. The excitement alone could be enough to cause the upset stomach but unfortunately you have to be willing to risk it is something more. If others get sick, maybe you can still find something fun to do while the sickies stay in their room?


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