Stop the Goodie Bag Madness

goodie bags

Goodie Bags (Photo credit: alliecooper)

I helped my 7 year old clean her room recently and discovered her mass burial of birthday party goodie bags. They were wilted in a corner, begging to be put out of their misery, yet possibly holding up one corner of the bed with their stickiness.

Each one had several treasures which this daughter was hiding from her brothers. Buried so deeply beneath stuffed animals and pillows, they had been forgotten, by everyone, including the hoarder.

I understand the idea behind goodie bags, to thank the recipient for coming to your party and send them off with a token remembrance. But really, it has to stop.

We all (myself included) fill them with cheap junk, candy, plastic crap and even cheaper junk. Or maybe the crap falls out of a piñata and they fill it themselves. Or they find it on a scavenger hunt. Yes, it is fun during the activity, but later, once we get home, it just takes up space and disintegrates in a corner.

Do you really need more twisty straws, poppers, froggy rings, wobbly eyed finger puppets and Laffy Taffy in your house? I dare you to answer honestly. If anyone says yes, I’ll sit on you.

But I know why we can’t stop. I’ve considered it all:

“They expect it.”

“I’ll feel cheap if I don’t do it.”

“My daughter like shopping for her friends.”

“It is tradition.”

So, let’s do the group thing and all stop at the same time. Today is the day, Thursday, September 5th, 2013.

We’ll just tell the children that goodie bags are soooo 2012. “Can you believe people used to do that? Some people even used to make their own bread, and then they had to slice it themselves,” I can hear myself saying.

And really, going to a party, hanging out with friends, playing silly games, laughing, eating cake loaded with frosting hearts, that is enough, isn’t it? These are kids. And their birthdays happen every year. It isn’t a wedding (and for the record, I’m against wedding favors as well).

Now, this will work, right?

Just read this pledge out loud, “I pinky promise to never pass out goodie bags at my child’s party again.”

And if my kids come home with a goodie bag from your party because you caved, be prepared to find a cupcake smashed on your front window. You’ve been warned.

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