Valuable Lessons From The Last Five Minutes of Any Full House Episode…

I haven’t been the most attentive mom lately.  I am one of those people who fulfills her kid’s basic needs (no small task!) and then would rather do laundry than sit and play.  It’s worse now because we just moved; I am almost totally focused on the massive list of things that need to be done in our new home. Re-watching cheesy 90s TV shows* while I painted reminded me that my priorities were off. “Okay, 90s, I hear you!” Family is important**.

After a full day of painting and fixing, I made sure to spend some extra time talking with my kids.

Girl Q, I love you. What do you want to be when you get big?

Oh, I am going to be a doctor. You can be a pink ballerina.

I can be a ballerina?

Yes, and twirl. I need my…thingy to be a doctor.

Your stethoscope?

Yeah, I need it back. Where is it?

Uh, I donated it. I changed the subject: “Love you.

My son and I prayed together: “Dear God, please be with Dad Q, with Jefferson (apparently a kid Sunday School asked him to pray for), and help everyone else in the whole world.

Life goes on despite my preoccupation with getting settled in and organized. I look at my kids and realize their babyhood is lost forever. Boy Q has graduated to a regular-sized bike. Girl Q is finally potty-trained. I learn things about them every day–Girl Q doesn’t like her pants to touch her belly button and Boy Q is terrified of swimming.

For me, it’s hard to fulfill one need after another (getting another snack, resolving a conflict, wiping a kid’s butt…) and then stick around to play, but I should still make time to do it. I am overwhelmed by the things on my To Do List but I am equally overwhelmed at how quickly we grow older, how fragile and precious life is. My daughter just had a super scary week of fevers. Another blogger I follow is facing the loss of another baby. A contractor we hired to fix some water damage just found out his 24-year-old son has cancer. Though it is trite, we shouldn’t forget to take extra time, every day, with the ones we love.

-Mama Q.

*Such gems included Full House, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, House Sitter (yep), and more recent creations such as The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I might be emotional because even The Call and The Big Wedding made me want to go hug my babies.

**See the Facebook page dedicated to such things.

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