Our First Home

It seems like it was just yesterday. Ray and I (a very pregnant “I”) were driving around with a 1 year old Emaleigh in the backseat searching for the perfect First Home.  We were outgrowing our basement apartment that we currently resided in, and we were ready to settle down with our growing family.  I remember looking at many houses, and we just couldn’t seem to find the right fit for us…and then we found it.

I was working the day that Ray went and viewed it for the first time and I remember him calling and saying, “I think it’s perfect for us, all it needs is a little TLC.”

Yes, that it did.

It actually needed ALOT of TLC…and some paint, carpet and even a lawn! But, something about this “fixer-upper” struck our heart strings, and we knew it was ours. So, needless to say, a couple months later…it was. We gave that house all of the TLC that we could manage. We painted, carpeted, and eventually even laid some sod.

You see, over the last 7 years, we have done alot of things in this home.

This is the home where we potty trained two (almost 3) of our kids. It’s where we would go make mud in the backyard, just to have a pedicure.  Where it would pour rain, and Emaleigh and Ray would go swim in the gutters, smiles beaming from their face the entire time.  Where we had many tea parties.

It’s the house where I would tuck my kids into bed every night. Where we would play hide and go seek (upstairs only)! Where we would spend our time laughing. It’s where we spent hours playing Princesses and dress up. It’s where I spent many late nights baking and decorating cakes.

It’s within those walls that we brought home 2 baby boys to an excited big sister. Where we watched Emaleigh and Elijah learn to ride their bikes with no training wheels.   It’s where I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom. Spending hours having dance parties in the kitchen, and sleepovers in the living room.  Watching Elijah and Eydan take their first steps. It’s where we sent Emaleigh off to preschool.

Outside of the house is where we played for hours.  Where we made friends over the fence. Had water fights that turned into snowball fights that turned into sibling fights. Where we caught frogs and had funerals for ladybugs.

It was in our first home that we heard our kids read their very first book.  It’s where we have nursed many scratches, scrapes and sometimes a broken heart.  Where we spent winter days coloring with chalk on the basement walls. Or, summer nights huddled in the basement while a storm passed.

It’s in that home that I have witnessed God do an amazing work on my marriage. Where I have witnessed my babies grow up right before my eyes. Yes, I would say that we gave our home alot of TLC.

And, last night, I walked through that house one last time.

You see, today we close the chapter on this part of our lives. We have sold our “first home”.  And, I must admit, it’s a little bittersweet.  It’s always been difficult for me to “close the chapter”…even though I know that the next chapter will be even better than the one before.

All of these things might have happened within our home…but they all reside in my heart. They are things that I will always cherish, and will carry over to our new home.  I look forward to looking back in 7 more years at all of the memories that we will have made in our new (old) home. (More to come of that later)

Until then, I will just smile, knowing that it’s not about the home I live in, but my family I live with…and that’s where my heart is.

9 thoughts on “Our First Home

  1. Caiti – this just speaks to me. We just closed on our first home Monday, one we’ve also been in for 7 years. And while we will be moving on to a bigger, better house, it is still very bittersweet for me to be leaving this current house. I have had a blog formulating in my head on my “first home” sentiment for a bit. It will come when we, too, walk through that last time. Thanks for this and I am reminscing right along with you! 🙂


  2. Thanks for writing this beautiful story. I am going to print it out to maybe use as a story starter for some of my students! My one regret about moving was not taking the door with us that we marked how tall the boys were each year.


  3. Oh my goodness, what a lovely post. I seriously cried because it is so sweet and I can see myself doing the same in our soon to be Our First Home. My boyfriend and I are in escrow and I can already imagine us raising our children and having them running around the house and yard. Such a sweet post you did. Congratulation on your new home. -CAT


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