Perfectionism does not paint walls

I am a teacher and librarian who took a leap of faith four years ago and began to homeschool my three kids, one of whom is high functioning autistic. We lovingly call our homeschool School of HuntChaos and regularly make mischief and call it learning. I also work part time on a grant funded through the Library of Congress called Teaching with Primary Sources. I make it through my crazy day with lots of lattes and random dance parties.

I originally posted this on my personal blog in august last summer. As I find myself spiraling out of the summer months again, I still look around and find evidence of unfinished summer projects and plans so I felt it was a good reminder to move forward again. Look for my new original posts on Fridays here at Rocky Parenting.

I don’t think I am alone in being able to cite countless times that perfectionism essentially stopped me from moving forward. If I could not do it the “right way” it would be put on hold — indefinitely.

So, here we are, coming to the end of the summer. I had all of these projects that I had planned to accomplish but hospital stays, new job prep, and well, life intervened. So, I was panicking a bit this morning wondering if maybe we could accomplish some of these during Christmas break. And, my rebel persona made an appearance asking, “Why not just do it?” So, first job on the list… Paint the rest of our classroom.

The perfectionist in me would try to make it so that at least the four year old was far away from this project. The rebel in me today said, “That Girl loves to paint. Hand her a paint brush!”

wpid-Photo-Aug-3-2012-1216-AMThe perfectionist in me would try to get my husband to unbolt the bookcases from the wall (possibly the most difficult part of this job). Then, I would spend an extra hour or so clearing them and moving them out of the way. Today, my rebel said, “Paint around the bookcases, no one will notice.”

Guess what? After a 30 minute Lowes trip and only 1 hour on the wall, spent with my son and four year old daughter….. The job is done. Move over perfectionist — I am so done with you!

Next week the rebel and I are painting my bathroom. The kids can’t wait!

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