Hopping on the Milk Wagon

Ye Olde Dairy

Pesticides, hormones, gluten, food dyes, additives – it’s a lot to worry about, and a lot to consider when making a grocery list for a family on a budget.  I try to do the best I can for my little ones’ bodies, buying organic apples and milk, carefully choosing meat that’s free of hormones, getting produce at the farmers’ market when I can.  Fruit snacks and candies are limited because of the dyes, and I do all I can to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  But I don’t let it cause me too much anxiety.  My kids are getting the nutrients they need without too much of the stuff that will hurt them, and I put as much extra energy as I can find into ensuring they’re healthy.

That said, one thing I did do lately was start having milk delivered.  I admit, I sort of used to be of the opinion that milk delivery was the “in” thing to do but a little unnecessary.   Milk boxes dot several of my more image-obsessed neighbors’ front porches, and I didn’t understand the difference between delivered and store-bought milk.  Until I signed up for Morning Fresh milk delivered to my own front porch milk box.

As it turns out, milk delivery is gaining popularity now for a reason.  My boys love going out to the box to pull out the fresh milk and eggs every week, and they drink considerably more of it now that they are a little more involved in where it comes from.  The milk tastes more like milk should, and it does feel great knowing that Morning Fresh cares for their cows and even grows their own feed.  I know what’s going in – and not going in – my boys’ bodies when they drink it.  I don’t have to spend four dolllars a carton for the eggs I can feel good about at the store because I know the carton in my milk box comes from cage-free hens that are fed appropriately.

There’s really nothing not to love about milk delivery.  I’m supporting a local dairy, creating less waste with reusable bottles, getting my kids excited about learning where our food comes from, and feeling good about the nutrition for my family.  And really, If I have to put something in the gluten-filled, preservative-packed mac ‘n cheese my kids love so much, at least it’s the local milk and butter delivered to our shiny white milk box.

4 thoughts on “Hopping on the Milk Wagon

  1. I’m all about the delivered milk and eggs and the benefits to you and your boys. Question on the cow feed though… I’ve always heard that all natural means that cows eat grass and are not given any other food (since they are ruminants, grass is what they are meant to eat). What type of feed are they given?


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