Mornings At My House


Now that Fall is here and school is in session, it is important to get into routines that make mornings run more smoothly.  Following is what happens on an average day in the Anderson house. Hopefully, you can get some ideas and tweak the schedule to fit your needs.

6:25am – I return from the gym (I included this part so you will be impressed).  If it is a good day, no one is awake yet and I can make coffee, eat my oatmeal and soak in a few blissful moments of silence before crazy time begins.  If it is a bad day, my youngest is sitting cross-legged on the hall floor waiting for me. “Hi, mommy!  Will you read me the comics and make me a smoothie?”

6:45am – My oldest daughter’s alarm clock rings; it sounds like a submarine dive alarm. She usually is stricken with temporary paralysis and I have to walk into her room to turn it off before I go insane. I remind her that she is the one who wanted to take a shower.

6:59am – My husband comes out of our bedroom wearing a ridiculous hat and no shirt.  He offers to take the girls to school if they miss the carpool.

7:00am – Fearing peer embarrassment, my oldest finds her way to the shower looking like she needs an intravenous caffeine drip.  My youngest, if not already awake, gets up.  Straight out of bed, she resembles Phyllis Diller.

7:13am – I dig through the clean, unfolded laundry to find dress code clothes that they can wear to school.

7:19am – My kids emerge from their rooms, announcing that they are all ready for school.  I remind them that they need to wear shoes.

7:20am – Mealtime.  They order like they are at a breakfast counter. “I’ll have two pieces of toast; one with butter, one with cream cheese, and a peach.”   I make whatever I feel like fixing.

7:23am – A fight breaks out; often caused by one of two things, – my youngest singing the wrong words to her sister’s favorite songs  (“The Puma has It”) or my oldest criticizing her sister’s clothing,  “Why are you wearing Christmas socks in October?”

7:30am– I remember to pack lunches.  I have packed lunches every school day for the last 5 years.  I still forget sometimes.

7:31am – I realize that there are no ice packs in the freezer because the kids took them to bed with them in order to cure the headache/stomach ache/leg ache that struck them the night before.

7:35am – Cram time: spelling words, state capitals, states of matter, subjects and predicates – whatever we forgot to study prior to the day of the test.

7:37am – Someone gets hit by a projectile.  The nature of the flying object varies seasonally; lately it has been a volleyball.

7:40am – Five minute until carpool.  My reminders are met by “I know” followed by my continued insistence that they wear shoes to school. My oldest disappears into the bathroom to perform mysterious rituals in the mirror.

7:45am – The sweet, sweet sound of the neighbor’s daughter ringing the doorbell to collect the girls for school.

7:46am – I take a deep, cleansing breath, raise my coffee cup to my lips, and notice that one of them forgot their backpack.

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