Be Proud

Thumbs_up_by_Wakalani[1]Every day I am amazed with my kids. I look at them and see so many of their traits that they received from their Dad.  My husband, Ray, blessed them with his good looks, his outgoing personality and his charm.  Sometimes I look at them and see so many characteristics in the “Ray Column”, then look at the “Caiti Column” and wonder where everything is. Then, they trip over their own feet, or run into the wall and I look lovingly at them and think, “Ah, there I am.” (There is a reason I was less on the “athletic” side and more on the “cheerleader” side.)

I am definitely the reason that my son Elijah, has turned out to be so clumsy. I will own that…proudly. I have come to the conclusion that if picture day or a Holiday (where pictures will most likely be taken) is coming up, Elijah needs to either be locked in his room or fitted with a full body, padded suit…and face mask. It never fails, my poor son has always had some type of injury (most could have been prevented) and we have proof of all of these injuries because they all have impeccable timing. Right before family pictures, he fell into the corner of a wooden chest. Proof.  Four hours before we take the kids to see Mary Poppins, he clothes lines himself with ½ inch thick wire. Proof. The day before Kindergarten class pictures, he trips on the playground equipment and gets 42 stitches and 3 teeth pulled. Definite proof. When kids are born, parents aren’t promised what traits they’ll pass on. So whether you give your kids your looks, your personality, your smarts, or even your clumsiness…be proud of them.

This is the first week of school for my two oldest kids, and I must say I am always nervous during this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for my kids because I know that (deep down) they are great kids, but I always wonder what they act like when I’m not around…kind of  a scary thought!

Emaleigh, my now 4th grader, is SO much more outspoken than my 2nd grade son, Elijah. Emaleigh is an exact duplicate of my Ray. Both very candid, and not afraid to “tell it like it is”. (First week of school can either “make” or “break” teacher/child relations!) Whereas, Elijah is more like me; quiet until he gets to know someone, and he’s comfortable opening up.  Although I am sad to see them leave for school everyday, i am confident knowing that Ray and I have given them equal parts of us and they are going to let them shine! (Em tends to let hers shine a littIe more.)

I encourage you; no matter what your kids look like on picture day, if they miss every basket they shoot (again, there is a reason I was a cheerleader), or if they don’t get the grades you hoped for…be supportive of them. Be optimistic and be encouraging. Words have so much power, especially over such little ones…be there for them. Love them unconditionally.  Support them constantly.It might sound small to you, but it’s HUGE to them. On top of that, be supportive of the men and women who take care of your kids all day long. Get to know them because when it’s all said and done, you are on the same team….your kids team!

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